Waste Management – Security Landfill (cleveland, Tx) Lpc

Hello hello this is Gilligan with waste management weight management yes ma’am the next time we come out for collection we need you to have a list of everything that’s in the recycling bin okay we’re not your customer we’re an umbrella organization now they all report to us so bad business whatever it is best this way or whatever it.

Work under you yes ma’am so the next time we come out to collect just have an inventory no I’m not gonna answer nothing to you unless they call me hello this is Rosco with waste management calling for our next pickup we need you to.

Label all the contents of your recycling bin that just sounds that sounds lovely just get some graph paper and mark down your peanut butter cupcakes coffee grounds things of that nature okay okay well would you play some graph paper and measure your penis with it for me I’m not sure how to contact you directly ma’am the gentlemen of the houses who are supposed to speak to you.

Well I thought well hell I’ll answer the phone now and maybe lay some southern charm on you and see if maybe we could take that grass paper you told me to go buy yeah and later peanut on it measure it for me and I’ll.

Measure it my coffee grounds well this is Gilligan with waste management we’re not with waste management we’re the umbrella organization they all report to us we need you to have an inventory of all your recyclables just go ahead and attach it to your bin the next time we come out for collection okay it’s a new policy what bins are you guys gonna supply bandit or what no the existing bins.

Water understand what you want you know you want us to do work that we’re paying them to do you have to make a list of everything that you put in the bin well it sounds like you’re kidding me.

Okay if you don’t want to participate you’ll have an interruption of service for four weeks are you guys gonna reimburse me that four weeks of pay that I pay up front no sir well you should know sir we’re trying to get ready we’re going through a metamorphosis here so I need you to get with the program oh you need to get with the program and.

Send everybody a letter and.

Letting them know ahead of time what’s going on your pleasure but you didn’t reply I didn’t.

See no postcard yeah I hear that all day long why don’t you get some graph paper and make a.

List of all what if you mail me some graph paper and I’ll make a list yeah it’s your responsibility not well why is it my responsibility if I’m paying your trash company.

To pick up my trash and now you want me to get graph paper and this and that doesn’t make any.

Sense to me it’s a new policy sir why don’t you just I never heard of no new policy you’re hearing about it right now aren’t you why don’t you turn up your own if you.

Know you’re new I don’t believe a word you’re saying and quit calling remember you’re not gonna get any service for.

A month don’t be threatening us that we’re not gonna get any service what’s your name and let me have your direct line and your boss’s number it’s a promise not a threat my name is Gilligan sir with waste management yeah Gilligan what was your last name Tootsie okay and I’ve been here for.

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