Waste Management – Security Landfill (cleveland, Tx) Lpc

16 months on the job that’s not a whole lot of time to be on the job so I know exactly what I’m alright I’m gonna go ahead and look you up on the web and see what’s going on here I’m gonna look you over and see if.

We want to even have you as a customer don’t be calling your customers we’re the ones that I keep their business opening over.

Here you’re trying to threaten us you’re not gonna have any business with us you keep this up keep what up so you got to comply with us do you understand let me call my trash company and see what’s going on chef yeah this is a Palmer with waste management for your next collection.

We need you to put a list of everything inside your recycling okay and just attach that to your receptacle what what yeah so like coffee grounds times one milk carton the time is three that kind of thing you’re.

Kidding Oh sir it’s a new policy we sent you a postcard but no one replied well yeah I never got it well I would like.

My recycling discontinued that if I have to make a list okay well there’s a penalty for that.

Too $77 won’t put recycling I’ll split all my trash well it goes for trash as well you need to get graph paper and make a detailed list of contents all right can you send me something via email so I can take this idiot Alamut I think this is horseshit I’m not gonna make a list of what I put my trash every week why because I’m not going to are.

You ashamed of the product since I know I’m just I don’t.

Want to take the time to make a list of what I’m putting in my trash that’s ridiculous we’re getting ready for the 22nd century sir are you can you give me a number I can call you back at and so I can speak to your supervisor why because I asked for it okay but can you.

Give me a reason because I’m telling you what we need I want to talk to your supervisor about your 22nd century comment okay but first I want to let you know if you don’t want to participate you will have an interruption to service for five weeks okay so can you tell me the name of your supervisor and send me.

That phone number okay well then I am.

NOT going to comply with that and I never got a postcard until I get a postcard it doesn’t mean anything and I’m not going to deal with it okay then if you don’t want to participate it as a 77 dollar penalty so we can take a Visa or Master chair so you so you see me to tell me your driver is going to look at a list of what goes in my trash correct oh right come.

On yes I help you yes sir this is Palmer with waste management we need a credit card number for your $77 Palmer barber I’m not gonna give you a credit card number you think I was born on a turnip truck today get lost I’m not giving you a credit card number what do you assume to.

The stuff inside your receptacle Palmer Palmer Palmer don’t call me back don’t call me back no way good afternoon this is Ray hi this is Gilligan with waste management calling can I help you ma’am on your next collection we need you to have a list of all the items inside your recycling.

Bin do you understand that do you understand I don’t have an account with waste management so you’re wasting your frickin time ma’am what we come for collection does have a list of everything inside your recycling bin okay it’s a new policy I don’t have an account you understand that nothing belongs to me were the umbrella organization they all report to us I don’t care I live with somebody else any.

Accounts would be under their name please call that person just put down pudding cup times for pantyhose.

Times one that kind of thing do you understand that no I the nod you idiot none of us wear pantyhose you have a mistake if you call me back again I’m the record your number and.

Report you do you understand that where’s your supervisor buddy ma’am if you don’t want to participate you may have an interruption in service I just want you to understand that I’m explaining to you I have no service you have the wrong number what you’re misunderstanding here I don’t have an account with you I live with somebody else he does not wear pantyhose.

And neither of these put in with both lactose-intolerant you have the wrong person I.

Don’t know how to explain it you any clever just get some graph paper and make a list why do you people keep calling somebody who doesn’t have a waste management account you have the wrong number see this is calling me are you embarrassed by the items in your bed falling hey there Scott Wilkinson here the home theater geek.

And I want to get right into some calls here let’s go to Carmelo in needles California hello Carmelo and Scott will can send the home theater geek hello guys how you doing fine thank you I’ve got a home yeah what do you mean well I went with.

All reputable manufacturers and I set up everything with materials of adult library Bachelor of does the warble vibration okay your your then what we.

Call an audiophile here we go oh but I’m hearing a harmonic distortion and Blanding and I’ve got everything magnetically shielded and I’m using Spade love banana plugs okay in the sweet spot there I’m.

Noticing a lot of the fractions now the inner connectivity is coming into question because everything should be non-resonant and when I use my progressive to see Anna I’m hearing blanching and there’s interlacing going on with my matrix so I’m wondering if there’s any over stair playing well you’re using a whole lot of technical terms there some of which refer to some parts of the signal and the.

Whole experience in some parts refer to the other so you’re kind of conflating a bunch of stuff there it seems to me so let’s see if we can ferret it out a little bit okay first of all it doesn’t sound like a vibration issue to me I mean I’ve rarely if ever heard of components physically vibrating and.

Causing a problem some people are concerned about that and they put in these vibration damping pads or feed or whatever to avoid that mostly for the audio oh yeah and interestingly I’m getting a little odd thing here of audio wise so it sounds to me like in terms of the audio if you’re getting a flange.

Effect or something like that there’s some sort of setting some sort of feedback going on that I would need probably more time than I’ve got.

Out exactly what’s going wrong there you mentioned also interlaced and progressive that’s the video portion of things and there isn’t.

Much that’s interlaced anymore and so you don’t have to worry about the deinterlacing process it sounds to me like it’s more of an audio problem and it sounds like there’s a feedback loop somewhere so I would need to see how.

Your system was connected in order to really ferret that out but I would look at how things are connected what do you think about ferrofluid ferrofluid I believe is really mostly a kind of again a mechanical vibration dampening thing or.

Possibly an electromagnetic dampening thing but that does not sound to me.

Like what your problem is well I’m electronically extrapolating.

The left and right channels and displaying everything sequentially so I’m interlacing the whole frame you see what I’m saying at the undesirable signal and luminance of it is just blanching like wild over my whole crossover slope well there it is again Wow it’s it’s it we just it just happened again my imaging what kind of phone are you using I’m on a Motorola ephors motor oh they’ll you lure.

That yeah there it is again it’s weird I can’t right there’s nothing more I’m afraid I can help you with without more detail sorry about that River I don’t all right thanks.

For calling there was something weird some people in the chat were saying it was a scam oh hang up on him yeah where’s the hang up just whatever Jim are you there yes I am okay let’s see another sound it was that guy okay that was weird he didn’t even talk about what he what the thing.

Was that was pretty weird hang on a second I got a quick break at Scott Wilkinson the home theater key.

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