Globe Shoe Unboxing. Fusion, Sabre & Motley Mid

Well back from camping this weekend and apparently I have another cold my eyes are watering my nose is running we got a box of Kleenex here mmm I just had to format a memory card on my hero 4 because it was coming up with SD card errors and it happens that I had 8 videos of myself attempting to.

Do back flips into the home pit or doing back flips into the foam pit last Wednesday and yeah they didn’t turn out I wasn’t able to recover them so I do have.

Some footage from that day but I missed a huge part of my progression so anyway some good news I did get three new pairs of shoes so all the unboxing those right now the reason why I got three new pairs of shoes is because I was wearing and on my third attempt at.

Backflip I landed it but my foot came off of the pedal in the air and then when my bike hit the foam and stopped abruptly.

I landed on my foot landed on the pedal and it drove my toe back and.

Broke my big toe on my right foot hey keep it down I’m trying to make video all right see what we have here we have the mottely which is very similar to the vans that I broke my foot in I just got those because I like to look at them and I want to see if they’re any better than me vans we’ve got the fusion in black and brown brown I forget what these look like by the way I ordered.

Sabre so let’s do the Sabre first I think it’s from white yeah white gray green so this is quite out of the ordinary for me I never get colored shoes these blue ones are just.

About as bright as I’ve ever gotten so.

Let’s unbox these ones first alright so once again we got the globe saver white great green I’m gonna open it up first.

There it is get your self how sweet is that beautiful next up we have the fusion which is black black brown I think this is more like what I usually wear the only difference is that it actually has some color.

The gum fool look at that very nice wariness that was a nice.

Show right there it actually hurts my toe a little bit because it’s not broken in yet and I wear.

My shoes quite small shoes that I wear for biking I wear half size smaller just to make sure they’re a nice snug okay lastly we have the motley mid.

Vintage black black I’m liking it I like it quite a bit I don’t around the toe area and the soul doesn’t have a whole lot of support but it.

Definitely has more padding through the upper than the and they all come waste alright gotta take a break to blow my nose okay.

So even after formatting my memory card I just got SD error.

Again so I’ve lost the last book that I filmed my nose is still running I have now taken the card out formatted in another camera and then put it.

Back in this camera and formatted it so hopefully that works do you think kitty what do you.

Think of the new shoes what do you think of the new shoes you like them I like them what a nice shoe.

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