Nollygotv Offbeat News: Episode 4

Hello great people is your host Aaron Johnson today we have a lot of news for you welcome to the world of strange news hour offbeat news and keep on watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button and always leave me a comment so today’s story we’re going to start with a past Oh now this past term according.

Here I mean the headline says my pastor told me to be drinking my wife’s green but he was sleeping with her everybody say pasta now everybody say pasta just simple take up the Bible you stop preaching and they start you know throwing prophecies left and.

Right prophecies are flying everywhere in the church and some of them a good number of them are in posters i decree and the.

Lord came to me you have to saw $100 and then the lord we give you that why ba let me just read the four lines of the article in a great man has written a.

Disturbing story – in relationship platform on instagram according to the embattled man and battle.

Man he was unbelievably drinking the huge like the urine of his wife.

For two years to get rich on the recommendation of his pastor so my mind why food you are a fool so how can you drink the urine of your wife another story again very strange.

You are here of dates and even the world of strange news now 54 year old man leads benefits he got from drinking and bath in.

The last six years so you guys we say the story today is all about you right now this is what’s happening around and I didn’t create them.

This is the reaction of people the way they react the way life.

Is affecting them and and again what they are creating what they are creating in their homes is he.

People are very strange and I will tell you your trust is the hardest thing you can give to a man or to anybody you see so just trust yourself because people are very very strange we’re living in a brutal world.

And this is what I will bring you all the stories digging into this story this man I can.

Show you his picture anyway I don’t know if you can see it you can see him here with his a cup of urine a cup of urine he’s holding here and this is very very interesting and and you can see his face now 54 year old Dave Murphy from Essex says that the urine therapy urine therapy has helped him to lose eight stones has seen him go from 20 stones to 12 stools cured he’s asking you to do this and let’s.

Go to the next story what I can show you you can see him now if you can see him you can see him now drinking his urine I think this is funny right strange enough strange and what ball let’s go to enormous story very strange take a huge jump are nothing this is from Japan now.

31 year old engineer builds and maurice robot after failing to find.

A wife I’m not kidding so this is the picture look at him and his robots so Zhang ginger used his knowledge of artificial intelligence to design and program his partner to his exacting specifications so this is what I call fully fully.

To the extent that he cannot deal with human beings anymore so the Foley goes now to artificial intelligence where robots are taking the place of human beings so is that the future I don’t know I’m just bringing this to you to decide if it’s good for human beings to get married to robots I don’t know no comment on this so I leave that to you drop me a comment drop.

Human beings get married to robots that’s the big debate so let’s go to the next story without wasting any time this one can we call it love I don’t know first of all I show you I’m going to show you the picture here so this is Marie you can see you can see that so the headline here is a 29 year old Zambian.

Lady who got married to a 92 year old South African has gone viral 92 so 29 year old – 92 let me take my calculator honestly speaking it was.

Seeds to calculate let me tell you I’m with my calculator iam not joking this is it here it’s just here and look at it it’s not because I cannot give you the mental arithmetic but just 92 I’m not exaggerating – 29 63 years difference the difference is 63 years between them so is this love well it’s not for me to judge.

You know Shakespeare says love is in the.

Eyes of the beholder they love themselves let’s believe that in this world we have all kinds of people and that’s why we’re here to give you this type of news yeah the next news takes us to something strange again 38 year-old one with two husbands explains how she enjoys sexual intimacy with them so this is not all that strange.

There are some traditions in some places you go in the world.

Women marry man why not what histories of man Marian a lot of women but now he’s doing that way around so I’ve nothing to say.

About it but listen let me just go quickly on the fourth paragraph of this article he says on how she gets maximal sexual satisfaction as claimed from her husband’s Mykel Rita and me fons shamoto Chaka said we are a happy family I live with my two husbands and they love one another great barranco that is good I have nothing to say that is to wish you the best and.

You can have your two husbands if they are happy that is the most important.

Thing you know it’s very difficult to achieve happiness you know what I mean we are yet to achieve happiness it’s not all about money.

Now but this is love and they are fee I wish you the best worst article here and this is the last is sad news sad news I want to show you you can see look at this.

Baby you see how some baby has some baby but.

How Koppel sold their baby online for 2500 pounds to buy an iPhone this is shameful shame on you shame on you very shameful a Chinese.

Man has been jailed for selling his 18 day old baby online so he could buy a new iPhone in human I think this man is robots he has no brain and even the wife should get his a punishment so baby I’m sorry they sold you but.

Since this article appeared online and Sopranos own is reading it to the whole world I think you any safe hand so feel happy.

Little baby and you have a great future because the water logs to you so that’s the way I’m going to end this episode and please do not.

Forget to hit that subscribe button and leave me a comment thank you very much for watching I’m your host see producer.

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