One Social Media Platform You Need For An Online Business

Hey guys tonight I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about our number one platform at the moment when we went into our online business we chose to do YouTube Instagram Twitter and then a website which I would say is generating traffic right now which is great oh we were super excited about that we use GoDaddy.

Which was phenomenal which I mentioned in a different video that’s works I need to have that I’ve been going lots of work to.

Still be done and love the things dad but I’m still excited to get it out and going Instagram YouTube and Twitter in swen we have like the most followers.

You know we don’t need some interaction and stuff and I million with Instagram that’s why I said I’m gonna make up my main source you know kind of traffic.

And leads and it’s but surprisingly enough we have gotten all.

Of that from Twitter we still gotta.

From Instagram to and from YouTube and the website but Twitter has.

Been our top hitter where we’re getting our leads we’re getting her hints we’re.

Getting traffic we’re getting just so much from Twitter so are just kind of tips you guys.

Would definitely be to incorporate Twitter and your platforms if you’re just starting because Twitter is something that’s so easy and it’s free traffic mystery free.

Traffic is great I’m you don’t pay for anything or add like forget generating that free traffic.

The tag that you’re using is anything for us and we’ll notice different spikes with different tags that we’re using on our posts do we have a huge following no but I’m a lot of the tags generate traffic from outside of our followings we can easily post.

Something you know and get 40 clicks and 10 leads and so that tough is exciting so if you’re just starting we want to encourage you to get on those platforms get on social media you don’t really be consistent the cool thing about Twitter is it’s always update and there’s always so many different people like writing things and you know adding things and posting things that you can honestly even post as much as you want on there you know we try to post three to.

Five times a day and every time we post we’re getting close we’re getting leads we’re getting hints which i think is absolutely huge and you know when twitter reaches people all.

Across the world same with Instagram same with YouTube same with you up but Twitter has just kind of been easiest thing for us from the click of a button to really get into our content schedule and just to really be able to send tweets out so that’s been super great we do over twitter linked below when we found that late quotes are really really great and so that’s really good I was trying to think.

I don’t have my phone on me I was trying to think of our topic well what did we post it was something about just failing you know and just getting back up again and you know that so many people clicked on because so many people I think can relate.

To that you know because I think you fail over and over and over again but you also have successes over and over.

And over again so I think people like to hear about the failures and the successes because you’re so much more relatable.

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