Fifa 19 Ps4: Northampton Town Promoted To League 1

Today could be the day we’ll keep you up-to-date with the results that might go in their favor stay with us and it’s live welcome everybody Martin Tyler along with Alan Smith Palin looking forward to it today I think so Martin is a really good buzz in the air here full of anticipation expectation hope precious everything that plans need.

To back a team that could be crowned champions after this game particularly if other results go their way well that’s the thing Martin isn’t it maybe the.

Manager will be told what you know the results are as they come in but those players out on the pitch have got to concentrate on the job in hand and make sure they get the three points Thanks line out for the home side so Alan 4-4-2 yeah I think it looks that way Martin yes it’s the conventional shape it’s the one that the manager prefers and this is now the opposition Berliner it’s.

A variation on the theme really isn’t it what we’re saying is instead of a back three is going to have a back five and those wide wing.

Backs as we would call them they’re gonna be more defensive I think he’s a bit fearful of the opposition doesn’t look that.

Way doesn’t it I know he likes to try and convince us that knows four backs are gonna be gradient forward but though under the coughs I think I’ll just sit there nice and tight to the three Center halves Allen what sort of advice would you be giving to the players to deal with the pressure.

Of going for a title like this you’ve been a winner twice well you just try and play the way that you have for most of the campaign the way that’s got you into this position and just keep your eye on the ball that’s that’s basically the.

Message Alex McDonald here’s Walker rose out into the wide areas now striving forward purposefully well the building steadily here working away all the time to get the cross now keeper able to stop that one it could be his game today the way he’s been playing recently really has weighed in with quite a few girls in his competition but he’s read that kaznian made the interception made it look easy actually he’s a chance to attack the Shotwell.

Work for the goalkeeper I think the white man’s got a chance here this space out near the touch line Rose Alex McDonald Walker clean safe I’m gonna keep the pool here under some pressure yakusan here’s a chance to go down the outside of your position the Bulls loose goalkeeper made the save but he couldn’t hold it Walker rose McDonald I like the look of this attack made the challenge well shut up well his laces behind that one to preserve the ball but neither ever.

Yeah yeah Kison totally quick-witted and quick in his movement to to intercept there a very good interception so for the home team the chance for a leak double here but they had to work hard for the away win the opposition a big EE determined to stop it being a double over there funnily enough it might not be as easy at.

Home as it as it was away in that reverse game we’ll see Hanson the defenders mesh get in the way there we have a corner to come by that deflection caught up late into the middle wanting to catch the corner he’s missing it away from danger he’s put it over there looking dog with a contact but however she will see.

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