Fifa 19 Ps4: Northampton Town Promoted To League 1

Just up bishop for white yeah slowly yakusan Hanson here’s a chance to get.

Out the opposition most good distance to the clearance then so close inches away that they are playing well a fan seem to get another chance and get.

The gnosis in frontier Buchanan here’s.

The shot one more look at what happened earlier he’s half turned away and that didn’t help he could have closed it down a bit more bravely they better so the first goal it’s one Dale Neil Bishop Preston Walker Jacob MELAS he’s got some room out.

Here in the Y position so they yeah Kison answered looking for an opening there’s some good control builder it’s a good cross now it’s too strong the cross has gone over everyone in the middle white Neil Fisher sweetie Alex McDonald we can still they look from the other player and saw where the pass was going read.

It with a ball playing a great tackle great quickly.

When they get possession Bishop still got a bit to do but this is promising delivered into the box very easy for the goalkeeper there that’s halftime at one nil I think that’s a good performance isn’t it Allen from him in the first half yeah I thought you look lively in that first half really.

Sharp and obviously got the goal another 45 of that.

And he’ll be well pleased waive the challenge well Trotter while his laces behind that one took his eye off the ball but not about effort he’s put it over nothing wrong with the contact of power but accuracy just off Buchanan here’s the.

Shot and they put away the first goal of the game and the ball is on the roll again and the second.

Half is underway Walker Rose McDonald as too heavy touch the opposition could take the ball away now this is an interesting attack straightforward stop from an effort from a long long way out Rhodes Jacob MELAS striding forward purposefully really well to keep the ball well you’ve got a complimented for trying but that’s well off target ta some players limbering up to the away team.

Substitution in the offing Walker stand straight let’s the goalkeeper in.

The eye came true the goalkeeper yeah it’s a wonderful stock market isn’t it and no bits and pieces harder to follow up gonna swung in good work by the goalkeeper making sure there’s no turnover I’d have it straight – it didn’t it’s a drive for some power but off-target yeah I’m looking quite get set for that one white Lucca quick-witted and quick in this movement to to intercept there with an interception we’ve reached the owl mark half an hour to go the shuttle can only carry.

It out pull it back here to set up a chance we’ve given it straight to the opposition and that will be a throw.

Foley answer diamond – white but they used to forward in these positions dropping deep he lays it off and they play from their shots out here right down the slot for the goalkeeper got the opposition backpedaling a little bit maybe the cross-ice over hit isn’t it.

And it’s the goalkeepers ball you trying to catch the player in possession they’re looking to make the change now as quickly as possible the home team here’s the shot shots blocked very quickly here’s a chance that did look like a real opening.

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