Fifa 19 Ps4: Northampton Town Promoted To League 1

But they’ve dealt with it their throat the manager Allen is making this change here substitution will take place the playability well he’s a thorn in the side of those opposing defenders and took his goal really well time ticking on just over 15 minutes to go now they’ve got a chance in this part of the pitch still the chance in there of the goalkeeper good interception.

That a giant such quality in the Builder and a brilliant finish a one well he’s only been on the pitch about two minutes I’m not sure he’s touched at all before this but the buyer to touch there to score we just feel so if the key to early the way he’s hit that to his voice has got no chance again I’ve hand on it here is another angle on that goal but it’s great when a plan.

Comes together and the manager doubly.

Delighted with the way he’s Tina plane restarting a to nil diamond Preston white intercepted well sweetie but.

It’s place to go forward into with the ball and if you’re thinking for the away side time for a change it’s a quick break that’s offside the referees acknowledged that fact he’s going to make a change now pierre that past never looked like reaching his target and they’re away with the ball and they’re still going backwards all the way to the goalkeeper Walker he’s cut it out really getting.

It the opposition this far up the pitch now shut up plenty of power and not too much direction looking at the fans we’re looking on in unbridled joy yeah.

And I think you’ve got to appreciate these matches because.

They don’t come along all too often this is those chance for something to happen because there’s three added minutes Alex McDonald as the interception bishop opening them up with a through pass over the bar and the chance is gone we really get at your position here shots on.

Here good stop by the goalkeeper or attempted a pass really well you’ve been saying all along Allen get it down as quickly as.

Possible in terms of winning the league title it was a chance.

To do that today but there will be other opportunities they’re still very well placed for that that’s the key point isn’t it the can’t be too disappointed for games to see them over the line I think he was the best performer and a good team today Oh lots of energy lots of quality and a good goal.

Along with plenty of chances made the challenge well shut up all his laces behind.

That one took his eye off the ball but not about effort so he’s put it over yeah nothing wrong with the contact of.

Power but accuracy just off Buchanan here’s the shot and they put away.

While to keep the ball shoots well you’ve got a complement him for trying but that’s well off target stared true it’s the goalkeeper in the I.

Clean true one-on-one against the goalkeeper yeah it’s a wonderful stop Martin isn’t it and no bits and pieces either to follow up such quality in the build-up and a brilliant finish a wonderful goal well he’s only been on the pitch a matter of minutes I’m not sure he’s touched opening them up with a through pass over.

The bar and the chances God you.

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