How I Changed My Life, Mindset And Body Fast | Life Change | Self Improvement | Journey To Greatness

Hi my name is ELISA I hope that you’re enjoying your day enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing but I want you to take a moment right now and pay attention to what I’m about to say you probably saw the thumbnail and saw that there was a transformation that happened and you’re wondering how you may be in a.

Position in your life where you want to have a transformation yourself if you’re one of those people who feels super super.

Miserable in their life who doesn’t like where the life is going doesn’t like how the people around them to think if you know that you’re in a situation where you want.

To level up or you want to become better even if you feel like you’re fine and you just want to watch the video to see somebody transform and figure out how they did it then.

Keep watching because I’m going to tell you exactly how I did that I was just like many of you searching for something in life looking at Instagram looking to celebrities looking to the media’s idea of accomplishments looking to the media’s idea of success and.

Kind of getting this high off of it just wishing that I had what they had wishing I had the success wishing I had the money wishing I had the lifestyle that they had because I really genuinely thought it was gonna make me happy and I hated when people were like money isn’t gonna buy happiness because I was like yes it would I.

Would be extremely happy if you gave me two million dollars today I can promise you that the problem is looking at things hoping for things wishing we had and just staying in the same.

But just looking at it and kind of getting getting some type of.

Relief from watching people achieve do you ever think how could I get there you ever watch these videos and think you know I can do that or that is.

Not too hard how do they get all that money for just doing that well I’m gonna tell you exactly how I think that happens so it all starts when you really hone in your ability to filter your thoughts whoa what that’s it.

Yeah that’s it you just have to control your thoughts I know it sounds dumb crazy simple some of you are gonna click right on up because uh here’s something I’ve heard.

Tell you this in a different kind of way because I was once there to like I said before I was once searching wishing hoping for answers on how to change my life how would you get to that status of the nice things the nice cars the nice.

Clothes and just building a beautiful life for my daughter in myself now I always just.

Had this idea in the back of my mind that it took a lot of effort a lot of hard hard tedious work and I’m one in a million shot you can work super super hard and still not get where you want to be people go through their entire lives working working and fighting for something they don’t always ever achieve or even get close to.

And I just let that kind of hold me back from trying a lot of things and let me stay back from being a risk-taker because I was like why take a risk if there’s no certainty that it will even be worth something and that’s how a lot of us.

Think a lot of us think like that we’re like why take a risk on something when I have a safe secure job a safe secure plan.