How I Changed My Life, Mindset And Body Fast | Life Change | Self Improvement | Journey To Greatness

My parents did it they told me how to do it so why not just do that and be you know decent and well-off like they are but.

Tell you exactly why you should not do that let me tell.

You when you were younger I’m sure you all have such high expectations for adulthood so many different dreams that we all had as children.

I’m sure a lot of you have not kept those same beliefs some of you have and.

You are some of the lucky few if you have kept that belief and kept that desire.

And dream your whole life from when we were kid till now but a lot of us have those.

Down and told that it wasn’t very practical when we’re young we have all.

These ideas on what our lives going to be on all these hopes and dreams for.

Ourselves and they are shot down they are the little they are made smaller they are told to us how exactly to achieve them what we should do to achieve them how we can achieve them if they’re likely if they’re not likely the probability of it happening and to you know a lot of times let’s think a bit smaller let’s not drink too big and have our heads in the clouds let’s.

Be practical and think about what we can actually achieve which sets the bar lower because a child we don’t know any different we acquire some beliefs and a lot of times they’re broken down and explained to us the way they’re.

Supposed to be but the problem with that is in doing that.

We lose a huge part of ourselves that is so detrimental to our true potential and success a lot of us have hopes and dreams that we go our whole life without achieving but a whole time it.

Was right in front of our face how we could.

Achieve it we just didn’t believe we could my whole point here is just to tell you guys we can do anything we put our minds to if we change.

The way we think because so many of us are thinking I I think good thoughts I don’t put myself down I’m actually pretty confident this doesn’t apply to me but when you take a step back and you let go of everything that surrounds you in life let go of things your parents have told you let go of things your families told you your.

Friends have told you your loved ones your lovers let go of all of that all of.

That and think of what would make you happy if all of that was gone how would you be.

Happy would you be happy still if there wasn’t anyone to tell you that you look cute in the million dollar clothes you were wearing would you still.

Be happy if you had the nice body and the nice car and the Ferrari and stuff but no one was really around to be like oh my.

Gosh that’s so cool you’re so awesome let me like your picture or let me share your post.

Cos I think you’re so cool and you have really nice stuff.

Would it still be worth it honestly would it and.

After you answer that question now think about what would be worth.

It if no one else there if no one else was around to tell you anything or give you an opinion on it and really think what would make you happy these are really important questions that we need to start asking ourselves because they are the key.