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And I mean the key to achieving all those dreams and goals that we can and want to achieve if you can believe that it’s even a possibility if you believe that you can achieve it if you can see it in your mind you can see your end goal you can see what you want and you know you’re gonna get it that’s the first.

Step guys that’s the first and most important step now the next thing you need to do is to break that down and think of why you want it is it because you want your mom and dad to be proud of you it’s because you want your family to look at you and.

Say okay she wasn’t a failure we can breathe you know she finished her degree she did everything right she’s she’s okay she’s gonna be alright is it because you want people to look at you and feel like I wish I.

Had what she had is it because you want people to like you because you want to feel accepted because you don’t want to be different is it because you.

Want to go along with what everyone else is doing because it seems to have worked or is it because.

You truly undeniably won that when you answer that second question this is even more detrimental to your inherent success.

Now third of all let’s think about all the successful people who’ve achieved something who’ve had a dream and they achieved it who come from a hard background or hard circumstances and built their selves up to wherever they are.

What’s one thing you’ve noticed they all have in common they believed they could get it no matter what anyone told them no matter what anyone said no matter how hard anyone told them it was gonna be there’s another saying and another thing that is really stuck with me is before you know we didn’t think that we can the human body could run faster and.

Make a mile in less than five minutes but then someone broke that record and suddenly thousands and thousands of people were doing it that.

Is the most powerful thing I think I’ve.

Heard and you want to know what changed is the fact that people saw someone doing it and they were.

Like I can do that too so they started.

Pushing themselves harder and harder and harder to lead she did you don’t realize that is how much your subconscious really affects your day-to-day life the thoughts that you don’t.

Even catch that are in the back of your mind that are ingrained into you because of your beliefs and what people have told you your whole life because now it’s attached to emotion it sets you.

Up to follow those exact type of values and beliefs if you believe you’re a loser if you believe in you have a bad memory if you believe you can’t get things without it being super duper hard if you believe your way too big to have a tiny waist like a.

B or C who’s on the magazine if you believe all of these negative things then negative things will follow it’s something that everyone knows but doesn’t fully grasp and you want.

To know why it’s because of our beliefs our belief system are our views on what’s fact and fiction our regularly raised and the things that ingrain themselves and embed themselves so deeply in our subconscious mind that they become a part of who we perceive ourselves to be that you said the most important thing of all is figuring out who it is that you don’t want to be and why.

Because as much as your family friends and those around you may love you they don’t always know what.

It is that is your best interest only you can know that because that’s something that was given to you by something higher and bigger than.

Any of us and those of you who may not believe in something you have to believe in science you have to believe in the stuff that’s around us and that’s even faulty of itself so much has changed so much.

As evolved and so much they realized they were doing wrong but one thing has always remained the same people come and go from this world a lot of us pride ourselves on thinking oh there’s always next year oh there’s always next week always next month there isn’t it’s about starting today changing something now so you can see results and see a better life tomorrow it’s not about waiting and pushing it off and pushing you off.

Because you’re still gonna be in the same situation.

At the end of the day and you saying you pushing off that pain and pushing off that fight in in in hardship isn’t doing yourself a favor it’s actually hurting you and keeping you trapped in the same cycle vicious cycle that’s kept you where you are today you’re just not feeling fulfilled because what is that your doing it may not have really even been your idea and you don’t even know it we really need to realize that it’s about finding who we are first.

Being so certain and just unwavering in our truth of ourselves and changing the rhetoric that is a part of our mindset it’s something that it.

Doesn’t just take saying I’m gonna do I’m gonna be.

I’m gonna whatever it takes constant consistent effort guys you have to look.

At yourself in the mirror every day at least once or twice and tell yourself you’ve got this you can do anything and start fighting your mind we’re always just filling our brains and minds up with all these new music and songs and TV shows and videos binge.

And we don’t realize what it is that.

We’re feeding ourselves I’m not saying watching TV or listening to music.

Is bad but what you really need to be doing if you’re not where you want to be or if there’s people that you’re looking at and wishing you have that they had what you really need to be doing it’s filling your mind.

Up with only ways to figure out how to get there don’t sit and look on Instagram and scroll through and wish you had the long hair the nice body and all that fight for it and do something to change it it doesn’t matter if it hurts that’s what’s going to get you those results and I’m not saying you know start off killing yourself in the gym or start off doing yourself in the.

House trying to do these hour-long workouts that you know your body is not cut out for at the time work up to it pace yourself give.

Yourself small goals to achieve and conquer those and as you conquer them those small goals will get bigger and bigger and you’ll feel so accomplished because you’re not.

Where you were before if you stay in the same place and you scroll past this video you.