How I Changed My Life, Mindset And Body Fast | Life Change | Self Improvement | Journey To Greatness

Click off the video and you keep doing the same thing you’re doing yourself a disservice you’re not hurting me you just guess what I’m gonna keep fighting every single day to get what I know I want and I know I’ll have I’m gonna keep fighting every single day to.

Get to what I know I already have inside of me when you realize the power you have inside of you that you possess you’ll stop looking at Kylie and Johnny Bob and Johnny Schmo and whomever in the heck else that you’re looking at wishing you.

Had their body their light their money and you’ll start fighting to get your own because I’m telling you you’ll spend your whole life and before you know it all these people will then have elevated.

And moved up and times will have changed and markets will have crashed and you’ll be.

Still there thinking that doing the same thing is gonna get you somewhere or do what your parents told you you gonna get you somewhere it’s about.

You you can’t let other people dictate your happiness because it all starts with you listen to me guys you’ve got to rise.

Up if we want to see a change in the world people are always complaining about how things are and how bad they are and how hard it is for so many people but you can change that it just starts with you it starts with your mindset it starts with your belief in yourself because.

When you believe you can make a change you can make a change guys.

It’s about whining it’s so bad that no one else can tell you anything different no one can tell you any statistic or a number that’s one in a million that will make you think that it’s not gonna happen for you you have to know that even when the odds are against you you can still achieve whatever it is that you tell.

Yourself you can achieve and you need to be telling yourself every single day if you have a stuff you’re gonna get half-ass results and you’re gonna complain and you’re gonna be mad off the economy.

In the market and all this crap that doesn’t have anything to do with you when you start making it about you then you can help everyone else then you can help your family then you can help your friends but it has to be about you you can’t go searching for relationships and other things externally to make you.

Happy because it never will it may seem like it will but I’m telling you once you get.

There if it was handed to you right now today as much as you believe it would change you and change your life and you’d.

Be so so great it wouldn’t because until you figure out what it is that you really want whatever it is that you think you want right now is a false lie you’ve been telling.

Yourself for years and years and years so change the story guys I believe in you I trust that you guys are gonna see this video something is gonna spark inside of you and you’re gonna start making those changes and start doing everything and anything it takes to get what you know you’ve already got all you have to do is keep telling yourself because things outside of our our inner selves are going to tell you you can your whole life you don’t realize what.

Everyone’s telling you you can the statistics are telling you you can’t the circumstances are telling you you can’t the lifestyle you have to tell you you.

Can’t even looking in the mirror sometimes you see it it’s not easy but when you keep telling yourself every day once twice three times as many times as you.

Need to just tell yourself you can do it whatever it is you want you already got it and when you start balancing yourself on.

Frequency and realizing how much you have and how much you can’t achieve I’m telling you everything will start following and things will start falling into your lap and showing you the way to get exactly to that goal you.

Just have to follow it stay the course guys being consistent I’m here for you I want to.

Hear your story I want to hear your dreams I want to hear your.

Goal I want to hear anything you have to say because it’s important to me because I just want.

All of you to open your minds to the greatness that is in yourself this isn’t about me this isn’t about.

What I’m looking like or what I’ve done this is about you and about what you.

Can do and about what you are going to take from this video and what it’s going to make think about the rest of your life are you going to stay and keep doing the same thing you’ve.

Been doing from today forward and thinking that one day you’re just gonna wake up and everything’s in a new great and happy and dandy or one day you’re gonna wake up and you.

Know everything’s gonna work out on its own saying things are gonna work out and does not mean that they’re.

Time you doubt it that it will and.

When you catch yourself thinking means thought you have.

To chain conversation that goes on in your mind because the sad part is a lot of you think that conversations not going on in your head but it is and it’s up to you whether you’re gonna stand up look this up in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions if there’s things you don’t like about yourself you need to come face-to-face with.

Them and figure it out why why are you that way think about your childhood.

Think about what you grow around think about who you move around think about all of that and channel it into energy and and become that life’s course become that life force that is inside of you bursting bursting inside of you wanting to come out and showing you in the form of hopes dreams and desires let it out and show the world what you can achieve I.

Want you guys to be happy I want you guys to be wealthy I want you guys to feel emotionally abundant feel emotionally abundant guys that feeling is something I cannot describe and something that I feel every single day when I wake up just I feel the amount of possibilities and opportunities that are all around me our.

Phones our technology we don’t realize how much power that holds and for those of.

You who don’t like reading books that’s okay too you can listen to an audible for free like literally almost any book you want to read is on the internet for free either there’s a PDF of it or there’s a YouTube video that’s like hours long showing the.

Whole thing being read or having a whole thing being.