Classroom Relationships And Engagement With The Wider Community

There is more to learning than academic achievement students learn citizenship behaviors social responsibility empathy and many other life skills from their teachers relationships are important and impact student learning we must endeavor to develop productive strong and growth producing relationships with students to do so it is important to spend positive time with students to develop goodwill and a real.

Connection for example this can be achieved through recognizing individual strengths showing interest in students problems conveying to them that you respect and value them and a genuinely interest in them interested in.

Their welfare a routine which may help build positive social responsibility is the simple act of greeting everyone in the class with a smile each day social responsibility is in essence showing empathy and compassion towards others and looking out for one another responsibility is an internal force that controls self-worth powers personal challenges and sustains engagement in learning and drive success the internal and autonomous force behind responsibility is important in contrast to accountability.

Which we are heavily exposed to in the current education system where one tends to obey.

The commands of an external entity in an optimal socially responsible setting collaboration is not an assigned event but a natural way of being students should.

Be encouraged to take social initiatives such as to help others on their tables with work if they can this strategy not only provides more immediate assistance but also increases time at the teachers disposal for more in-depth teaching where needed engagement with the wider community is also a key part of social responsibility it is a responsibility of the.

Teacher to take personal interest in students lives including asking about personal experiences and backgrounds were relevant to.

Class parents and carers therefore a valuable classroom resources and guest speakers who can enhance appropriate and contextually relevant learning opportunities.