The Pitchdeck Asia Show With Graham And Daniel | Asia Tech Podcast Live Stream

We are live in the asia tech podcast studio my name is Graham brown joined by founder of panel it Daniel West welcome to the show thanks very much thanks for having me it’s great to have you here we’re gonna talk about well your journey as an entrepreneur we’re going to talk about people analytics exactly what that is what.

The problem is that you’re trying to solve but if your background as well and also your journey in the team where you’ve been so like.

The last few months what’s happening the kind of.

Team your raise companies that you’ve worked with not to talk about yeah let’s start at the top let’s talk about panel it let’s put that on the table we’ve got your pitch deck here Daniel so we’re not going to completely go through the whole pitch that we remain that available for people if they want to watch it as you watch along if they’re listening on on the audio will describe.

About what panel it is first and then.

We’ll maybe back up a little bit and talk about how you got to that the why the problem that you were.

Trying to solve so when you talk about panel it what is it mmm so panel it’s obvious SAS technology it’s it’s an engine for integrating HR data from all various sources that HR uses and.

Most organizations really of any size will use multiple places to store their HR data whether it’s a core HRAs tool your payroll system your recruitment tool most companies are.

Using multiple tools and so panel it gives an easy place to integrate that data into one place and allows line managers HR leaders whoever to see that data live in a system in pre-built dashboards dashboards we’ve designed to pull out various business challenges people challenges talent challenges that I’ve experienced over the years and we also listen to.

Clients about what they’re trying to discover about their people and we when we custom build dashboards for those as well so panel it’s here at the data integration data visualization engine and then the the the sort.

Of the follow-on stages and products from that that baseline is benchmarking.

And you can compare data across across the location across a type of employee department like technology people in Indonesia oh you want to know more about that population or able to look at that across all of the different client datasets and sort of see a holistic view where you can benchmark your your people compensation attrition etc against those other organizations and then as a final stage.

Moving on to predictive analytics actually leveraging an AI engine to to start to predict behaviors which is really the super interesting aspect of it where you start to see the the the power of large numbers and and the ability that gives you to predict behaviors because that’s what’s missing in traditional HR now is they.

Have that they’re putting these sort.

Of dashboards together but they can’t solve an action it to the next point we talked.

A bit about that as well we look at your your your presentation so the interesting.

Thing is is the kind of companies you’ve actually worked for in the past I mean.