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It’s worth talking about I mean you said you had experience in HR but you’ve said that you’re not blowing your own trumpet here but you’ve worked for some pretty senior names here yeah exactly so you picked up a lot of skills in so we just throw them out casually a little bit over Apple.

Few more in there so you’ve worked for some of the leading brands in our space and you’ve headed up HR in these companies and different departments and so on what did you learn from that process because you would have thought you know an uber or an.

Apple they’ve got it right they’ve got all this down pat because they’ve got the boffins on this did you sort of come away from them thinking actually you know these guys I just let.

Everybody asked they they have these challenges what did you learn in that process yeah that’s yeah absolutely that that’s that’s the question the the we look at organizations like Apple and we think yeah they’ve got everything sorted they do everything perfectly internally and and as anyone knows who’s worked for those kind of companies it’s very very definitely not the case you know any company is you know phenomenal at one or two things like mmm Apple is the you know the the.

Premier marketing organization the premier.

A product design organization but definitely when I worked there and it was still a fairly early days for the organization this is this is I was there when the iPhone was launched I mean the first iPhone was right yeah yeah yeah I mean when I when I joined Apple it was maybe 15,000 people but time I.

Left it was 30,000 and now the 150,000 plus right so it’s a different company now than it was but but but you’re definitely what I learned from working for a company like Apple is the the the the power of getting that your your facts behind you about making an argument there these are you know folks that are at the top of their game.

And they want all the folks around them to be at the top of their game so so it it definitely makes you step up your game.

As you’re giving strategic advice to to senior leaders at Apple you you need to you know Corral your fact.

But definitely at that time there was no such thing.

As a people analytics function no.

Such thing as a data reporting function you were pulling the data together yourself and that’s.

You know very long nights putting together putting.

Together data and and building those arguments and then working for other companies I was head of HR for Noble group for example which is a 16,000 person or commodities company and as again was an organization where very large very good at one particular.

Thing but had no HR infrastructure and me and my team we actually built a.

Technology platform from the ground up and that actually told me a lot about the power of data integrations api’s I ran a development team there was in-house developing HR software and so that got me fairly deep into the tech of it and where the data comes from the importance of how you connect systems together all right and then at Lubert yeah so roubo is the is the is the one example here of for all the things that it did wrong in many ways around HR really invested in HR technology very early.

On and allocated some time at the data science team to the HR.

Organization so we had a data scientist actually working with us and that was my learning on really the power of people analytics and one what people analytics could really do there’s a real potential of it when you do connect all your.

Systems together when you do have as Weber had very large amounts of data and because it’s a very young company very clean data so very recent you.

Could do fantastic analytics I mean can I give an example yeah so yeah so a really it’s a very useful piece of analytics that we did we’re looking at the connection between who the hiring managers are and who the recruiters are and the outcomes of the people that they hired and so you looked at the three-month attrition like how many people leave in their first three months in the company how many people leave in their first year in the company.

How many people become a top performer or a bottom performer and you look back and look at who the hiring manager was and it’s immediately obvious that right there’s a top 10% of managers where 90 percent of the people they hire become a top performer then there’s another group of managers where 90 percent of the people they hire had gone in three months yeah that’s amazing isn’t it because before we it was guesswork wasn’t it only shows and it goes yeah you get a sense you don’t you can’t really back it.

I’m fascinated by this and we’ve got to go into your pinch tip but sort of like put the dates from the structure behind it but fascinating behind this because I think now we’re.

That HR has emerged from being people analytics I suppose now is that what was once I guess like.

A policing function within an organization making sure we didn’t screw up on the contract etc so in a legal function or a CSR function time thing is now driving so many aspects of the organisation like culture marketing.

PR you know if you’ve got great people like there’s top performers how important that is for marketing yeah right you know you’ve got those evangelists they’re going out and spreading the word so then you can go back to the people who found those you know that talent and say we need more of them once for these guys.

And that is the very powerful marketing yeah absolutely all right we’re getting ahead of ourselves let’s.

Go back to the pitch day let’s talk about what the problem is fast because you’ve eluded here so let’s get that up front so you’ve got it here I mean the fundamental.

People data is that that even if you have data it’s in multiple different places and you’ve got no way.

Of accessing it simply and even HR has great trouble accessing the data that they own in their systems the rest of the business has got no chance of getting hold of that data right it’s just is sitting in tools that are there to do something like a recruitment tool is there.

To help you recruit it contains a massive amount of useful information but there’s very.