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Very little way to access it and even there are few recruitment tools that do have good reporting built-in they’re not combining that piece of data with.

Other let’s say performance data so so you.

Can’t see all that data in one place and that and that’s true I would say for almost any company and except that very rare.

Group of the Salesforce Facebook’s Google’s and and ubers who have invested in people analytics at a very deep level but almost any other.

Organization has no access to that data right is that just because of the way the organization is organized because HR and then the performance data.

Is that an HR thing or in will yeah yeah also date is owned by HR right but it all lives in individual systems and so I think that where the where the problem comes from is partly the nature of the HR technology market where all these disparate parts of HR sit in.

Different systems which which i think is the best way because you end up with really dedicated tools that do that thing really well but the HR tech market hasn’t been forced to make them make those tools talk to each other there’s no standard of how data transfers from one HR tool to the other the no industry standard no market standard so you’re not replacing those tools you just Ukraine interface between the apps all right can we dive into that lets you have a look at the platform.

Itself so you call yourself a SAS people analytics platform there’s a little bit of a combat 2.

Team in a minute but let’s look at.

Actually how this works you’ve got to break down here in the nice sort of infographic here as well how actually works integration can you explain what we’re looking at here yes so this this is illustrating the the HR tech stack if you like the the multiple types of tools that most organizations use so so different.

Buckets here from the core HRAs to the payroll tools to your performance management tools I think a lot of people who aren’t in HR or having worked in larger organizations don’t really grasp how many different types of HR tools there are and that is a little bit inside baseball but but but to get across the fact that there are you know there’s a dozen.

Different varieties of HR tool and then within that there’s multiple different vendors and so what we put our effort into is building api’s into all all.

Of the standard tools and building in a workflow that allows the easy upload of CSV files or Excel files and then the particular sort of secret source is a proprietary interface about how you map the data from one system into the panel 8 system and so that all the different systems are feeding the data in.

And that that data will connect so you essentially able to track a single employees experience and data records through all of those different systems from when they’re a candidate from when they first start talking to the organization all the way through to when they leave the organization and every system that tracks them across the way and so we we have a.

Nice self-service interface to help map those fields and that’s that’s one of the primary difficulties about why people analytics isn’t a stronger function because of.