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Really dipped and you’ll probably see attrition increased you we lost three or four critical people.

Sort of three months later and you can start to go okay and that dip in engagement again you because you know the business you can link that back to earlier that’s when I was doing a fundraising round so I was focused on the investors and I wasn’t focused on my team and you can start to see the connections.

And then the next time you do a fundraising around it’ll help to change your behavior yeah so so it’s not a quick way again the compensation maybe is a quick win but overt but but analytics is a is an overtime yeah.

Yeah tool and it takes the BS out of making decisions.

As well it is always helps to remove bias yeah case study you’ve got a great case study in here I know that there’s a whole bunch in your pitch tape but there’s one I wanted to pick from if I can just jump forward towards the end of the pitch day there’s one Kareem mmm so you’re this is a.

Middle East ride-sharing platform yeah they are the uber of the Middle East yeah just like.

Grab here or DD and in China they’re much larger in in their home location than Danube ER but unlike those other places great Luba.

Still a she operates there yeah I mean it’s competing heavily with Kareem so this is an interesting study isn’t it because you’ve got I mean it’s not like a traditional office based corporation isn’t where everybody’s in you know you’ve got lots of drivers who are sort of working for their company or not so you know so importantly the drivers just like uber are definitely not employees right absolutely they’re not oh absolutely they are the callers rather than employees got it and so this.

Is absolutely focus on the employees and and yeah and I’m sure Kareem would want me to really heavily him so yeah this is about employees but but actually I think some of the part part of your point actually really is still correct because cream just like just like.

Uber the nature of the business means that you don’t have all of your staff sitting in one big office all working together you have these very small remote teams working in the individual cities I mean exactly the same issue but where you hire these incredibly smart very very bright highly educated highly motivated teams and and you put them into a completely remote City in the middle of nowhere and they might have two colleagues next to them and and then tell them to.

Go and conquer the world I’ll conquer that city anyway so you do have these highly distributed teams which is actually where part of the the case study here which is the organization network analysis comes from so.

Dive in indulge so organization network analysis is looking at the metadata behind email and chat systems so.

The metadata not the content of the email or the chat but but who sending to whom and when and so we.

Can count how often let’s say slack you know it’s alright so so let’s say your whole organization is on slack we’ll measure how often people slack each other and who’s slacking whom and so when you know what department.