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People are in and you know you know sort of where they sit in the organization organizationally and but also you know that 10-year age gender.

You can start to map behaviors at a very simple level you can see the connections between.

People and very often you find.

Within a country people are communicating very well within the country but typically there’s one person that’s very well connected to the rest of the organization and contacts people in other countries or other cities and and head office a lot and.

There’s other people that never talk to anyone outside the country in some departments you’ll.

Find the the most successful salespeople because we did do this analysis.

At a previous firm the you’ll find the most successful sales person is very well connected to people in marketing operations and we’re not looking at the content so there’s an assumption here and I think it’s correct that it doesn’t matter if they’re exchanging cat photos every day with someone in operations they’re exchanging theirs they own acting and.

Then that one time when they need operations to do something a little bit.

Unorthodox to help a sale happen they’ll get that to happen because they’ve got that relationship where as another sales person that doesn’t have those relationships they can’t pull any strings they can’t get they can’t work outside the box and so the most successful salespeople.

Are very well networked within their own companies.

And so the network analysis that we’re doing with cream she were shows how some countries some city teams are very well connected to each other and to other city teams and those in theory and we’re still.

Doing it the data to support this but in theory will be the higher performing city it’s that’s our assumption that’s not that’s what that’s what the anecdotes say and so we’re gonna see if the.

Data backs that up whereas cities where we’re.

Generally they’re slower to succeed they’re slower to apply new strategies slower to apply the.

Lessons learned of the organization the assumption the anecdote would say that that they are less networked within the organization interesting so going back to your point about like super connectors organization are they not.

Necessarily the one with super.

Connector in their title whatever that may be efficient that’s a very good point because part of the visualization that were that we’re working on is a side by side visualization of your network analysis sort.

Of where you sit and how the connections you’ve got go within the organization next to your position on the actual org chart because we realize that actually that sometimes is.

Is related but very often isn’t.

And very often lie managers will overlook the actual networked power of someone that’s fairly junior in the organization and.

A manager to understand that should allow them to sort of release some of the potential and leverage.

The potential within that team better.

Right so they can identify those who are being overlooked and because they’re junior they may even be an intern yes I’m super communicator.