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In a certain organization especially if you need to get a certain kind of thing done right so let’s.

Say we need to pull together a social media team well okay well then.

We need to target sort of 20-somethings who sort of spread across.

The organization and can represent different parts of the organization well who’s gonna be best to do that or we could look at the network analysis and yeah work out who’s actually super connected in that age group across departments and we could do that in a very quick way yeah that’s interesting that’s insightful as well because the people who are doing this already.

Without being told to do it often they’ll you know that’s the character trait that you’re looking for oh yeah exactly great well there’s a whole bunch of other case studies in the pitch deck as well.

Can check out um let’s talk about your team as well so if.

We jump back in on the pitch deck obviously this is a key part of the story here I want to understand a bit about before we have a look at your your investors and visors as well how.

You guys met what’s the story here yeah so I mentioned I was doing a bunch of consulting projects after after working in uber and on one of those projects was a crazy well-funded high-growth startup called nuhn nuhn e-commerce in in Dubai which would be a whole other podcast talking about that as a as a as a as a history story about how not to run a start-up but yes I was brought into it again.

Set up the the HR organization and particularly the HR.

Technology and systems and processes that sort of thing and I had a there was a guy on LinkedIn who had been chasing me for a little while for an internship at uber where I had been and and I and.

I realized that I had a just a shed load of data to crunch and.

To pull together to to create a clean dataset for this new startup and in swiping Tom on LinkedIn and that’s a use of other and you know.

If it just was just graduating had done a couple of other people analytics internships and with rolls-royce and credit Swiss yeah and yeah had just that right background you know he’d done sort of what we were trying to do within the organisation.

And so yes he came to work with me in Dubai and apparently he got fairly famous within his university as being the guy who got the full paid internship yes I do by him and he was around again when I was making this decision around should I be productizing this.

This idea and founding a start-up and and so yes I’ve put us together with pratt IAM and and shariq on on the deck there and pratt IAM shriek and you’re so far.

All grads of NTU and they all have this background in.

The the hackathon networks so so hackathons were the engineering students will spend you know two days crunching on on a particular problem to turn it from pure idea into a functioning you know MVP and.

Then they get judged and you know win cool prizes and prati and particularly it would also yes if an and shriek are deep in the the hackathon weeds and.

So by sitting down with these guys we did a couple of off sites that they’re I flew the whole team to Thailand and we sat in the.