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Villa for three days and we built the MVP we did that over two different sessions was.

That before you hired them or that was what offices as as a part of the house part of the hey guys that’s gonna build.

Something and and what you were saying before about you know people people are people are really engaged by a project that they feel they can really contribute that’s.

Interesting so of course when I started describing any people analytics to you know these these young engineering students you know they had no idea what I was talking about but when I talking about very large numbers that.

We are going to crunch and we’re gonna put it into really beautiful dashboards yeah and there’s a technical challenge the technical challenge at every step of the way that no one’s ever quite solved yeah they.

They grab that idea and just round with it and and the culture of the hackathon the culture where there’s no such thing as a bad idea and there’s no such thing as something that can’t be built everything can be built it’s just you.

Know what are the different hacks we’re gonna use to get there and Pratt Ian’s an absolute genius of this he’s he can he can take you know two bits of wood and rub it together and produces it produces a functional website so yeah so that’s kind of how we started and that’s also why we we sponsored the most recent NTU hackathon no recently.

We’ve kind of wanted to give back to that community and prescient was invited back as a as a engineering advisor to the to the hackathon teams and yousuf was a judge and yeah we’re very.

Happy to sponsor the end yeah it’s a great lesson in there.

As well for people who want to work for startups is now.

You know not through the traditional routes but how to get recognized how you Lord and forever it’s a good way of working out whether or not you can work out the chemistry is there because you.

Are team working together in absolutely you know very intense exact sizes no no we worked out very very.

Quickly through those sort of four days building the building the MVP that yeah we were just a.

Team that could they could call each other out that.

Could argue that could could debate and and then just get on and crunch and build stuff and yeah it actually built the the sort of the formative culture of the company and we still sort of operate like that we we’re completely open about what’s a good idea what’s a bad idea what we want to build how we’re going to build it.

And get on with it yeah well we’ll come back to that in a minute we’ll talk about the culture recruitment as well your race so total is.

A little bit about where you are in your history in terms of for example how old are.

You fast as a company going a year so you’ll be going to you in a second up to this point you’ve you have angel investors on board angel and VC so wave maker LED are are sort of first proceeded round where we had about a two point.

Five mil Dow and when we raced about half a mil okay I’m on that so we’re just going now into a second round the.

The nature of the the product does mean that we have a fairly long sales cycle b2b SAS for large organizations is a is a fairly long sales cycle so we’re looking for another six months runway to really prove.

Out our our sales cycle you know we we have revenues now but we want to get to a to a healthier revenue position well we go to a full seed or.

A round so yeah so we’re looking.

For about you know three hundred five hundred K to give us that that extra runway okay is there a particular type of investor partner that you’re looking for because there’s a lot of money out there at the moment be a bit sort of well careful about who exactly you want you want just the money you want the dumb money or you want something else to come with it yeah.

Again I’ve been very lucky because of the several years I’ve spent that companies like uber and then and then consulting for VCS so I’ve been very.

Lucky to to have exposure and to know you know who I think that the good folks and people that have actually worked with me and I think that makes a massive.

Difference so the guys at ardent capital here’s Bennett Paul cervical you know that I’ve actually.

Done work hands-on work for them so that that was a fairly easy discussion.

About their investment and the the relationship with waveMaker is also very strong I’m a full Santos at white Mike is a fantastic fantastic guy to leave you alone when you need to just get on with stuff but but to be there to really ask you the tough questions and to come up with the to.

Really help you plan out your sales and marketing strategy he’s he’s he’s great at building that second story about about how you’re you’re taking your product to market and so yeah Paul’s been a great supporter but also one of our investors talk talking about sort of what’s the the ideal investor aside from from wavemaker it is a one of our investors is Black Mountain which is an HR.

Services company and their very high touch they’ve got a large number of clients where they manage HR data for for their clients so they really understand the power of the system we’re building and they have a direct connection to a to a whole client group and so obviously a key an ideal investor would be someone who is in some.

Way in the market in our in our similar market space where there’s some synergy.

With what what they’re building and and what we’re building um so yeah that’s a great place to be good let’s finish up by talking about Spartan okay so and obviously you’re recruiting there’s any startup founded or full-time recruiting it seems to be endless trying to find talent and that’s what it’s all about these days maybe we can talk about in the context of this so is.

This the recruitment process that if you’re listening by the way on the.

Podcast not watching the video there’s pictures of people being put through military-style obstacle courses yeah the Spartan Race is a fantastic event I mean it’s a global event the the Spartan Race series and but they’re there in Singapore every six months or so down on sentosa Beach and they lay out this really rigorous of a military-style assault course yeah and there’s three levels of it but the basic.

Level the Sprint is a 5k run and I think 20 or 30 obstacles for you to climb over and run through and muddy.

Muddy fields and barbed why I need to crawl under and walls you need to climb and yeah yeah so a bunch of the team are pretty strong fitness fanatics particularly a Kay who’s our data scientist is a super athletic guy and you can.

See him on the monkey rings there but him and and and Yusef and Pratt Ian moon and our designer Yoani yeah they all went and participated in the in the in the spot and they all did really well they all got to go well they try I was I was a photographer yeah actually it was whoring with rain so I just I.

Just stood there trying to hide my my camera from the rain while I was capturing them and cheering them on those your sweet spot.

Yeah absolutely but we we got some some great great shirts designed and.

It’s just fantastic team building getting training up for it in the day itself and and then celebrating afterwards it’s been yeah doing that sort of team building is is really important even ization what are you looking for like sort of moving forward and because people will watch this and think.

Right I want to be part of this you know I love.

Hearing your story Daniel and I think you’re doing something which I feel I can add to but it’s more.

Than that isn’t it you know more than somebody’s just saying like.

I’m a data scientist you’re looking for a particular type of personal with certain hard skills or certain soft skills what is it that really for.

You checks the box that you know they’re gonna fit in with your organization and in terms of the hard skills I mean obviously in in the development roles and for example one of the roles we’re looking for is an API.

Engineer the building API is into all of these various systems is it is an incredibly complex task and from everything we’ve learned so far the API is out of.

Some of the worst tech that’s out there in the market they are terrible and we need to to build the a really scalable solution to build API is very quickly from from these disparate tools so so yeah so there are obviously technical skills that particular technical skills we want to bring onboard but in terms of soft skills.

Yeah I mean I’ve been around for quite a while I’ve run very large teams and my my management style is I’m not a particularly hands-on manager I like to.

Hire people that are passionate about what they do are good at what they do and you know we should we should agree on what the objective is and I just want people to run for.

It and I don’t want to be holding hands and interviewing people and you know kicking people up the butt that’s not my style and that’s not what I’m I’m there for right I’m there to be part of the team and do my part of the job.

And people should do their part of the job and we should all just aim for the same goal and so yeah so I’m looking for people that are self-starters that that believe in what they’re trying to do and are able sort of plan out their work and and plan out and be very self driven and sort of decide their own.

Flexible on so time schedules and you know when you need to take time off you take time off and when you need to to work through the night you work through the night and so we’re not strict about that that sort of thing so yeah having people that are very self driven is important excellent Daniel waste everybody.

Founder of panel it Daniel thank you so much for coming on the show today great what’s the best way for people to reach out to you do you have a preferred Channel yeah I mean he mails easy djw at panel it calm or you can just go to the website panel it calm and there’s a contact there but yeah emails very easy or LinkedIn obviously you’ll find me on.

LinkedIn very easily we’ll put all the details in.

The show notes Daniel thank you so much for and thank you very much Ben great.