Pop Craft 21 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Watch our compilation to find what you need enjoy your DIYs packing a bag or a suitcase efficiently can be a real problem there’s always the risk you will leave something at home to avoid this risk pack your clothes for each day of the trip combine your outfit for every travel day packing pieces of clothing in a separate ziplock.

Bag to make it easy write down the names of the weekdays and put the tags in each Ziploc now you can be sure you’ve taken all you need.

It’s essential that your clothes don’t take much room in your bag or suitcase packing your small stuff in a separate bag is a good idea but what to do if there’s only a big ziploc left we know what to do put your stuff in different corners of the Ziploc underlay a board wrapped in foil heat a knife cut the ziplock sealing both sides separate the bag into several parts in this way we can get as many bags as we.

Need it’s a great idea for packing small stuff multiple make up bottles and tubes take up too much room and to make your luggage heavier and you won’t need a whole tube or bottle during your journey use cotton pads squeeze cleansing milk.

In a flat top pour tonic in another add nail polish remover to the 3rd soak the cotton pads put them in separate ziplock bags right on each bag tonic nail polish remover cleansing milk fasten with a stapler you neither lose your makeup pads nor muddled them up they won’t take.

Much room and let you have anything you need always at hand if cotton pads are not enough use little plastic bottles we have them left over from medicine pour any liquid you’ll need during your travel in the clean empty bottles attach tape or a tag with the liquids name the mini travel set is ready a mini first-aid.

Kit is a handy must-have in any travel take any little box and two cardboard strips fitting the box size make small cuts in the middle of the strips set them crisscross put in the Box write the pill names the for pill drug kit is ready put in the pills the box is so small you can keep it in your makeup bag though we do hope you won’t need any drugs during your trip hand.

Sanitizer is a must-have during a camping trip as you can’t wash your hands when necessary we’ll share a simple and cheap recipe of a DIY hand sanitizer take one ounce of calendula tincture dissolve in.

One ounce of water pour in 1/2 a tbsp of glycerin add five drops of lemon oil shake it calendula tincture is used in antiseptic topical products as it provides antimicrobial properties.

It can treat simple skin irritation mixed with water and glycerin it’s highly effective in fighting pathogens and bacteria without making your skin too dry fortified with lemon essential oil it.

Gets a powerful antiviral effect is your creme tube half empty trim it cut off the hollow part cover with baking paper I earn to seal it it’s much easier to squeeze cream from the.

Short tube besides it’ll take less space in your bag how to keep your.

Charger cable from breaking using an ordinary pen it’s easy remove the spring from a.

Retractable pen stretch the ends put it on the cable near the usb repeat.

For the other end fold the cable and put it in your bag it won’t get damaged with the spring on it you can use this hack when you are at home to make.

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