Pop Craft 21 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Your cable survive longer do you have no time to make an earphone holder no problem use a binder clip grab the binder clip and wrap the earphone cable around it you can hang the simple holder where you can easily find it to.

Have your earphones on hand wet matches are a campers nightmare they can absolutely spoil your trip we’ve got a smart idea how to make them ignite cover the head with nail polish let’s check how it works submerge the match in water dab it with a paper napkin try to.

Ignite perfect you shouldn’t have to worry about rain.

This life hack will let you use your matches in any weather during the long journey your powder may break to avoid it use this clever life hack cover your eyeshadow and your powder with plastic wrap put a cotton pad on top and close the container your powder will keep safe regardless of the distance you’re going to cover.

Do you keep your nail scissors without any cover it’s too dangerous let’s make a travel case for them spread fatty cream over your nail scissors.

Apply a thick coat of glitter hot glue keep it above the flame to smooth the surface when cool trim the edge wipe them up to remove.

Keep safe in such a smart sparkly case and you can be sure your things won’t be damaged by your scissors if they open.

Up accidentally no matter how large my makeup bag is there’s not enough space for all my beauty products what should I do let’s make beauty sticks take several wide drinking straws cut.

Them out in half heat the end above the flame press it with a clothespin the melted plastic is sealed immediately pour in some of your beauty products fill the plastic tube about 3/4 full carefully seal the other end use this hack to carry your shower gel shampoo lotion or cleansing water.

Mixing them up use a marker to write what’s inside what a great idea shampoo and a stick I’ve never used it before and what’s more I can put everything I need into my makeup bag at last no no you don’t need that large and heavy bottle of foundation better take lightweight cups transfer cream.

And foundation into clean paint cups if you don’t have the cups.

Put your makeup into ziplock bags it’s a true art to apply makeup during a trip coffee is an essential thing in any travel isn’t it but what should you do if it appears to be too expensive and tasteless in airports or at railway stations.

We’ve got the solution take tea filter bags put in your ground coffee if you don’t have tea filter bags you can use filled tea bags open the bags transfer the tea to another.

Container and use it at home fill the bags with coffee and pull up the thread my friend enjoys her homemade coffee I know she has a lot of coffee bags.

A flavored one money is an essential thing in any travel it’s.

Crucial to know how to spend it and where to hide it we know a few places safer’s in a purse deodorant for example take an almost empty stick of antiperspirant twist.

It against the stop take out the stick fold the banknote and put it into a ziploc bag tuck it into the container put the stick back no one will suspect there’s money inside don’t sweat it your money won’t be stolen what else can we.

Cream jar put a folded banknote into an empty cream jar put on the top no one will guess you keep your.

Money in a cream jar just don’t mix up your makeup with the money container you can also use shorts oh I hope she doesn’t take them off right now aha there’s another hiding place in them let’s sew down a stash pocket into your shorts turn your shorts inside out take a piece of cloth fold it in half fold up the edge so it down to the inside of the shorts pocket stitch the.

Sides so the stash pocket across the perimeter leave a hole to put in money keep your money close to.

Your body if you want to have your money always with you keep it with your phone it’s.

A good idea to keep your money in a phone case take it off your phone sandwich the folded banknote between your phone and the case be careful not to spend all your money at once on international.

Calls I’d also like to keep several nail polishes on hand but there’s a chance that the bottles will break during the travel turbulence should be taken into account use ziplock bags put all your beauty products and glass bottles into zip locks even if something goes wrong and your nail polish bottles break up the rest of your stuff will stay clean if you’ve made.

Up your mind to take a perfume vial.

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