Deddrick Thomas Louisiana Tech Postgame 11-3-18

Next man oh you it builds trust and faith and confidence everybody somebody go down those Moorehead said that coach Jones had mentioned you guys thought you had a chance to get some returns not against that hunt game what was kind of his message to you guys and pregame about that he’s just killed looking there and we gonna get.

Us one today just state of technique whatever colleague all right well y’all more aggressive in the return game today I felt like it was the same we have opportunities opportunity to make the.

Best that touchdown catch obviously good great throw by defeats it surprised me myself that I was so just college for this arena have you noticed anything different about this couple games I mean he just seems really comfortable throwing the ball right now what what did you is there anything practice that changed or what have you seen I don’t really think is too much different you know I feel like he’s still controlled like the way.

He’d been throwing like he’s probably know yeah yeah Grayson says right now it’s all I can say.