14 Social Media Michael Rynne & Cheryl Petruk

Hook into them they will come back on a daily basis looking for that new tidbit of information that new you know that update so it’s really important to keep your message consistent and consistently going forward on your social media and of course people and community members that don’t belong to the community you know they’ll be out of the know so you know really if they’re not in their knowledge base won’t grow so it’s really.

Important that they be embraced in the.

Community and that they moved forward reaching the right people is you know the long tail effect is reaching the small communities on the web you know from your website people who may not live in the urban centers who live out in the countryside and see a community hematologist in Alberta Canada where I live we’ve.

Got a whole group of people ampion patients who don’t live in the city who live five hours away from the major city and they live in.

Rural Alberta so the intranet is their only way to get that information or social media connecting with people again if you get them into a meeting giving them that information and Michael’s got a really.

Great example you can take a copy where you can when you get people to come in to a you know patients to come in to a patient meeting you can give them that little you.

Know bookmark or pamphlet to give them the web dress or give them the social.

Media that you’re using and it’s important to keep your branding consistent on everything you do so make sure that it has your logo on every piece of paper that you give out.

Don’t give out one that looks one way and another that looks another way you want.

To keep it consistent and that way you’re going to generate more traffic more people are going to come if everything.

Is consistent and has very good information on it more people will hit your social media sites and making sure that that information is consistent across all of your social media sites and that will.

Just keep enlarging your patient base as you as as it grows the more people will come on your sites so just some actions to undertake is going meet users on the Internet so go out and and make sure that you’re hitting the populations you’re putting your website out.

With all the hematologists whether they’re NPN specialists or community hematologists or GPS that you may know that in rural rural areas treat PV and ET and MF.

Your tools so that your patients that you can share that information with your patients about what you’re doing you know.

Offer on your website hey we have Facebook we have forums we have online surveys make sure that that’s very prominent so that people don’t have to.

Search through the website or your other social media sites to find.

That information you want that to be very bold and upfront and again.

Connecting with your patients or you know in this case business where it is customers but be present online on social network make sure that you as an administrator or your administrator who is looking after your social media goes along on a timely basis consistently and sees what is being written seeing the interaction.