Moovemeber, Shoes Back Soon, Sale Items, New Years Eve Party..

What is going on beautiful people happy Halloween I guess October 31st is a lovely frosty morning we’re in the office the he and on bender shirtless yeah it’s nice and warm in here they put it on someone like you give you an update from the office shout out everyone that came under VegFest that was a really wiki weekend.

Actually but we’ve got a lot of new things we’ve got well great track suits launching tomorrow night at vegan nights we should before and they’ll probably be online next week we’ve also got black on black vegan tees back there’ll be a vegan nights to reprint so.0 last one yeah and that’ll be online next week as well all this the chakra stuff that we’ve got left and the size we’ve got the news honey is a 30-pound they’re 100% organic cotton 30 pound colorful hoodies now that I’m not saying this because this is ethics this is actually that’s actually a friggin bargain for that for no hoodie is and the t-shirts a shock of t-shirts 15 pounds each right now autumn colors right there we’ve got vegan hoodies in full.

Which when I’m not in a grave early I mean naturally basically new New World Order is still available but only on D pop.

Where else we got Benj sure shorts 25 pounds right now white on white jacket is 33 pounds.

The women’s dress is 30 pounds I think green pants yeah any real big sizes 22 right now we’ve just got big sizes left so we’re trying to clear them to get prepared for some new stuff we have got.

Know a lot of people want to know about the shoes they’ll be back within within the two weeks maximum maybe within a week but we’re gonna we’re.

Getting 100 pairs of them in so if.

You want them look out for them stay tuned either subscribe to the newsletter or follow the YouTube I’m sure I’ll put a post out when we get them back in a lot of people ask for them vegan nights Thursday night it’s going to.

Be good it’s been two months since we last one New Year’s New Year’s Eve party in London we’ve been speaking to vana and they’re all for it it would only be maybe 80-100 capacity maximum let us know if you’re.

Interested in that because we did Benjen the boys and it’s Piccadilly Circus so super central London it’s not far from waterloo sui.

Courts firework and you could probably stay till the morning and just like line or sofa or the floor yeah I’ve been all night yeah if you’re interested in that drop us a comment because workers doing I think I’m teaching mindful worried this weekend in Derby its that sold out but because it saw that we might be doing more that remember mindful – work.

Um if you want to check that out that course online steel and Movember starts tomorrow remember last year we didn’t remember moving every day in November we said 22 minutes a day.

I’m ready for it I should be vlogging regularly on that I think the gang follows an instagram at ethics you know already we’re active on the stories you’ll see what we’re up to each day as we’re doing that Alice what you gonna do activity walking does walking count you should walk every day twenty minutes of walking is.

It’s gonna be an hour walk for an hour for it to count for now let’s just get out but we just want to know Yahweh’s at Yoga maybe some running some gym work yeah so stay tuned for that join us.

Along that’d be great if you join us for that move member especially when it starts to get cold you know what I’m in shorts right now even though there’s two degrees this morning because I was active this morning Anna for I can carry on the day in shorts now so.

It’s just about starting your day with some movement and carrying on feeling good for the rest of your day anything else.

Going as I’m rattling off this add a sip of Ben’s coffee and if you can make it a vegan ice tomorrow basically we do have boom bags come in but we’re shipping them rather than flying them because is.

More environmental and is cheaper just saying it but we’ve got these are friggin sturdy.

Bum bags but you’ve been using this for ages now and it’s like this this is the prototype what’s it gonna be a slightly smaller louver yeah slightly smaller logo same bigger bigger load bigger than that yeah but it.

Is a quality bum bag and I think it’s good hopefully we’ll get them in time for Christmas we should get yeah and ninja suits are still they’re flying out the extra.

Small has been flying out women be loving them or small people but news 40 plan tops 30 pound bottoms yes Griego Christmas gift socks and boxers before we sell out because people do but one guy live on.

The weekend bought seven pairs of medium right I think that’s it from now peace game..