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Well I get the feeling they might live here yeah that’s right don’t be silly we love you to stick around for lunch we didn’t bring anything to eat hey that’s not gonna be a problem gawrsh the world well I think we’re the lunch going somewhere and that scars got the horse timing just let him grow up we’ve got to go see what he wants sounds like it’s grumpy enough already I don’t know what that was about but I’m glad it’s over everything’s.

Harder on four legs well I failed the trick to it here let me show you are you thinking what I’m thinking yes what do we do stay back definitely heartless thank you you really saved me we’re just glad you’re okay did you see any other heartless around here heartless is that what they’re called I’m not sure if there are any.

Others I don’t usually hunt outside the pride lands try one hey do you know if a guy named Riku is there or some bad guys in black hoods or maybe this really.

Big bully named Pete ah oh well we might as well go take a look anyway wait the pride lands are dangerous scar and the hyenas have made things unbearable for everyone there’s no food left they’ve driven off the prey we’re about to starve we can handle a little danger you just saw us beat those heartless didn’t you I guess you’re right you could be just what the kingdom needs maybe you can help us you mean take on this scar guy and all those hyenas spa he took over when our Last King.

Mufasa died so you’re saying this guy’s your king you want us to take down your king wait just a minute we can’t just go around knocking Kings off their Thrones then.

Again if they see that I’m stronger than their king maybe they’ll ask me to be their next king Sora I’d have to refuse of course still I’d like to see the pride lands so you guys don’t mind lending them apart do you – yeah she’s.

Gonna go on ahead and tell the other lionesses we’re supposed to meet her at a place called Pride Rock that’s him what what is it I told Rafiki you might be able to help.

Us for scar and the hyenas out of the pride lands but he says it won’t work you see whoever saves the pride lands will be our next king and he has.

To have the right qualities meaning well I think she means you’re not cut out for the job Sora I’m.

Sorry you came all this way Hey no it’s okay you better go before scar finds out you’re here I’m really sorry yeah snack snack nah you gotta make me look at.

That here comes scar the king and Pete my back what are you doing.

Here oh you know Kitty’s worried about me if I were you I’d be more worried about my friends go on ladies you’ve got some hunting to do the herds have moved on scar we can’t hunt in a lab with no crane smell fresh better what do you call this we’re not prey oh nice and fresh – well they’re all your scar Oh run follow me hey why the long face Simba you gotta lighten up and live a little yeah yeah what were you thinking about let me guess the past right.

Would you look how he’s crawling Pumbaa why when I rescue the little guy he was only this big what’s wrong we’re never gonna make it I.

Guess Rafiki was right what never mind it’s not important here I’ll show you how you.

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