Many Tv Celebs Attend Launch Of New Web Series By Mohit Hussein & Chhavi Mittal

They showed that trust and now I’m really happy that that happened how do this and I love everything that goes on you know digital platform is growing now a positivity a key party variety of shoes they comment there in fact actually he would have a better answer because yeah I think it’s great I mean no sense I think.

Audiences give us a variety of entertainment a platforms which I will Netflix or Amazon / Diwali they can opt a mobile phone 3x shitty ideas trending sik Joe hindustan ki am.

Janta Josh I BEC very programming the he big file making Joe relate carpet they should I say segment co-discoverer thought they are attacking the digital platform is perfect whoa stuck me a key hamid TV on kirk a approach doone-gate on a.

Pariah or digital platform is here to stay it’s bound to grow it is growing or ham subject there and it’s just going to grow it’s gonna grow big like moving it to the viterbi Dixit their job angrily took the limit exactly that’s a.

Really a good part in us here sweetie I guess thank you thank you so much thank you on the.

Visual yes yes yes yes take take my van botana you like you’re my friend this one thank you yeah.

Honestly of course it feels great they’ve been growing strength to strength and all that select layer 1 million subscribers Bolivar as an actor huh that shall take if 1 million bloke shied directly comedic there or we’ll kill him Joe content but nothing in K comments are the reactions at the trial.

Of maturity tradition if it’s edit calculation America pass out or Mary wife case at this hour or opposite that’s all I know of course feels wonderful feels a very flattering yes yes yes so family vacation is basically this unique family vacation with the edge of a three she has to go for his father-in-law’s birthday – Casali and a crow.

He NEPA he Muslim racino anyway Somali pata properly absotively family goes Ambala to be Cherokee agree observe Jojo in law skis at the bar gay or a secrecy Pappas I hate ya merely to see there is no comparison I’ll tell you why because television has its own market digital will have its own.
Market you know of course end of the day end-user huh me sub user safe.

For actors makers creators it is going to be amazing because other than television which very precisely if you try to understand K aapke paas television may primetime which I share saga the slaughter them yeah prime days be Monday to Friday with them lake.

In web pacer could you be knee up her Rose egg thus episode car show release conceptive jochky tarik my buddy buddy networks can be read so I think it’s a platform which has infinite potential and we’re all lucky to be.

Here at a time when it has just begun and it’s only gonna get pulled from meant to a bigger Gao ze promotion gilardini neighbor.

Birds have become birdies at the Abbey my couch nigga Romania propely webseries becomes exactly spotlight 2 or above Jeb Dexter ya know we words are not disappointed I don’t think nudity say logo disappoint with him yeah Galaga Lots in Luke.

Disappoint with their Q cater it not disappointed a to eternal Uggla guitar.

Successfully open a teeny or would.

Shalt Annie yes definitely egg portion of audience edge oh they can a person.

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