Ep 11 – Fta/fmcsa Present: Ask The Experts (part 1 Of 6)

Welcome to safety FM where we talk about safety that’s truly inspired by you hello and welcome to safety fm I am Jay Allen we’re coming to you live from the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale Florida we are coming to you from the Federal Transit Authority drug and alcohol program national conference today we’re gonna sit in.

On question and answers with the experts the panel consists of the following March Snyder chief of inquiries and audits from the USDOT office of drug and alcohol policy and.

Compliance Joseph Lagrange ta drug and alcohol auditor for Kato Swift Juan Jose Moya drug and alcohol program manager US Department of Transportation anion Rosario Federal Transit Administration drug and alcohol program manager this mark said you have to use your discretion in your professional experiences to tell us something’s up be careful -.

The place is definitely between direct observation and a refusal to test at the collection section so someone comes in and brings something with them and the.

Flexure identifies it correctly the regulation says if you bring some type of.
Device or prosthetic hand as a refusal of.

Test but what if you come in and.

For example not too long though guy came in with small bottle urine and said it was his sons he was taken to the hospital after question sir so what stage of that question the question is once again is the hospital over the collector you were not expected to know everything to beat the test but the bottom line is that they find something that they believe to like add ultra or substitution materials they have two options.

Number one is strength of direct observation or number two called refusal but either way they were document.

It but they’re not going to collect it normally they’re going to something’s going to happen where you’re going same genders go in the bathroom with them or they’re gonna write it up call the DJ ORS a disapproval and that’s what we expect of.

Collectors we don’t want them to try to make the final determination – they.

Don’t know every adult out there because there’s so many of them out there so all I’m saying and that comes up do we have the collectors make an informed decision and move on and no one George I or knows what a question that at that point all four do so they actually like that so you know Realty and then I review it make sure everything’s right or if I may have some further questions Akeno back as a follow-up to how.

Do you what do you do to that employee because that.

That might once it’s downgraded he does not have a DoD violation that is up to your agency policies to it he’s already not guilty so there is no sanctions or consequences from that video except that it’s really guilty that should be something that you have spelled out in your company policy and if you do that of course.

We highly recommend that you do we actually request any corrective action to prevent this from happening the future precursor what are things we can make it happens in every period or failure so that’s.

A problem of communication so make sure you driver knows what it is get tested for and make.

Sure the collector knows but yeah we request to have that assistance the plan was to.

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