Ep 11 – Fta/fmcsa Present: Ask The Experts (part 1 Of 6)

Ask you to it was a supervisor Eric to do some refresher training with your supervisors if it was a clerical error or motivation and whenever but DLT manifesting pool I’m going.

To ask you to look and make sure you are making sure your ran the next friend of yours accurate and up-to-date so there are a couple everything else is immutable cleaning the house issues necessary once that is determined could I hand the ball to the lady asked that question was this a CDL driver or what type of function where they perform well I guess.

There’s more staying along the lines where attest this person is regulated from so they are regulated under one of the votes a and they.

Make let’s say their pipeline okay but they have a CDL as well and they test positive on a post accident that some of the collector same thing this guy has the seed yellow I’m checking off FMCSA because I’m the collector and might see he has a CDL is identification but it didn’t meet the requirements of FMCSA he was working on the pipeline it did not make to meet the.
Requirements of a pipeline either so now he has a do T test he is a.

Regulated employee but neither one of those should be equality either boat that he’s regulated under so then you have actual knowledge that someone’s.

Tested and I guess like that’s kind of where I was going that well the very thought brought that up is that even if even if want or I’m an accountant Brady if he has the CDL with a.

Medical card he’d still be medical qualified because he had it said any.

Positive drug test it’s not regulating drug test so you still have that person have to go back to the medical examiner to be reevaluated and then whatever the.

Does that that’s the way to do what that person inspection.

Solutions to questions wouldn’t based on that as well if I have a negative they wants to be down do.

I need to contact the deity.

To let them okay and then I we have with the Loray make its way with just a couple of people that go into the FDA pool most of ours are baked into play under fr8 if we have an employee at some point that needs to use FTA work who were previously provided the pre-employment grandfathering from.

FR a do they need to do an FTA pre-employment before they do the FDA work yeah the grandfather would only have our eyesight they were going to be able to the time I would say the grandfathering on our side is basically for me it’s just the way the covered service in the eighties will grandfather maybe I’ll have to line up everyone at home starting to rule we’ve given that same June.

12th last year we didn’t have thirty forty thousand people Gary Blauman okay step back to the scenario where DMT.

That you’re going to downgrade to a non VOT how do you handle the statistical report when you get audited and they you know they look at it and they.

Step they see this and maybe it was a post accident you’re going to want to see the paperwork is that sufficient to show that you it might already be on the.

Statistic or Portugal or I see here from the lab you know many not what time of the month yeah and that would not be what.

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