Ep 11 – Fta/fmcsa Present: Ask The Experts (part 1 Of 6)

Well okay so you wouldn’t report it you don’t necessarily use the statistical summary points to complete a river every point you could you use the numbers of the actual healty tests for the calendar year the statistical summary was actually not a good thing to use to feel like you’re in is forever by I I you’ve got a memo that his biographer gives back and so glad to keep it.

In your file what our audit.

Team will be looking at it’s what’s in that file if there’s a memo in there from either myself or one there we know that that test is an on deal t-test and that’s why I said that’s not going to count on you and I asked either way so that’s 1901 a statistical report.

Inflation or so what it was actually what actually happened doing that count under either what that test Ameritech this is actually for one considering the the drama that’s going on with the national registry website right now is that going to have any impact at all on the Clearinghouse and the work that’s been done on that system seems like you got computer stuff going on well these two different systems different offices within the FMCSA.

So you know they the national registry has several issues you know I don’t know the specifics because I don’t work at that office but you know we’re moving we have the same target date and we you know work the system.

It’s not affecting that so perfect collector errors that are made on the ECC F or the CCF I know there’s some hard stuff us the employer can change by initial mean and changing it like a social or a third date of birth and they’re mean what so we can change that on our own on the easy and the CCF what type of.

Errors have we changed well you couldn’t change anything happen at the collection site for example at the temperature check check the temperature display and then anything else that might happen you person said that they did something to me you.

Can’t write in comments you know that’s that’s a collective stack but you certainly change things that were wrong that you know.

Get radicalized surely you yep you change all that yeah right because on the ECC FBO it’s unfortunate it’s wrong yes something they’re wrong I’m saying well I’ll go back to the collection sake to make sure that.

Of times with you you’ve been.

Sent ahead that this person’s come in and says already pre-populated so it’s wrong we’re going to make sure that we say hey this is now once you know I’ve sent it back to questions I say you know instead of 10 to 22 or 63 is 10 to 25 63 or social or employee ID.

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