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Hey everybody and welcome back to my channel Pam over 50 beauty and lifestyle well it’s Tuesday and that means I’m going to be introducing you to another wonderful new product I hope everybody had a really great relaxing Memorial Day let’s start off with that today’s product line is called youthful area and the you Floria team consists of a.

Married couple John and Jody they reside in Washington State in the beautiful Cascade countryside along with their one-year-old daughter Lunara look.

At this beautiful family so cute it was the unnerving wake-up call that the cosmetic industry.

Is basically unregulated and that companies could claim that their ingredients were natural and organic without any verification at all that led to the creation of you Floria Jody dreams of herbal ingredients and aromatic synergies while John’s calculates blending ratios and balance.

Formulas they believe that their love for what they do is expressed in their products and they hope that.

You feel that energy and love whenever you use them they so generously sent me three fabulous products free of charge so I’m gonna start off with the first one which is the hibiscus and Rose.

My solar water this beautiful packaging I just love it it’s just gorgeous this is a four ounce bottle and it retails for $32 and it’s for all skin type so my solar water it’s made up of tiny cleansing molecules that draw out impurities such as.

Sweat dirt and oil from the skin the hibiscus gently exfoliates dead skin cells it’s rich in antioxidants vitamin C and malic acid which is a natural alpha hydroxy acid it’s commonly referred to as the Botox plant I’ve discussed who knew I didn’t Rose supports the appearance of healthy more youthful looking skin it moisturizes treats redness it tones and.

It heals the skin it uplifts depressed spirits and eases feelings of anger or grief I mean when I smell a rose isn’t it the most beautiful thing it’s just so relaxing so the hibiscus and Rose my solar water acts as a cleanser a light exfoliant a toner and a skin replenish ER and really.

I did use it as a makeup remover first and it worked really well I didn’t used on my eyes on my eyes I usually use oily make remover pads that’s just my favorite thing but it removed all.

My face makeup you know wonderfully but mostly I was using you know as a toner you know after cleansing it was really refreshing and you know just performed really well really uplifting like they say let’s talk about the next product the pure earth cleansing grains this is a three ounce container and it retails for twenty two dollars it’s an all-natural cleanser that will leave your skin feeling clean and vibrant it’s made a 100 percent clay and botanical powders and it can also be used as a mineral.

Mask it’s not intended to remove eye makeup so that you would have to.

Do separately but it does remove face makeup and I wear long wearing foundations so performed wonderfully so let me tell you about what is in it the bentonite clay it’s highly it’s a highly absorbent clay that pulls oils and toxins from the skin it contains over seventy trace minerals and is known to be one of the most effective healing place and then there’s brown rice flour no to treat blemishes wrinkles and pigmentation it helps increase collagen production contains antioxidants and is an excellent anti inflammatory maca.

Is known to structurally enhance the firmness of the skin treat hormonal acne and boost the skin’s inherent.

Protective abilities nettle leaf has a wonderful astringent property to it it helps treat chronic skin conditions and contains several antioxidants yucca powder contains vitamins a b c as well as calcium phosphorus potassium and iron it exfoliates the skin without over-drying it also contains resveratrol which we’ve all heard of in anti a compound that strengthens skin and.

Increases its resistance to free radicals so this is a really interesting product you know it’s all clay you open it up it’s a powder it’s a clay powder so this is a cleanser you would want to have a little time to work with because you can put it in your hand and add water but that didn’t work for me I ended up you know getting a.

Little glass bowl and a spatula and a little plastic cap that I could put water in and I would take a scoop of the powder put it in the bowl add the water a little bit.

At a time don’t want it too thin you don’t want it too thick add the water a little at a time stir it up when it was the right consistency I would go ahead and put it on in cleanse like normal just rubbing it in but you know it’s not something like if.

You’re in a real big hurry you wanna just cleanse super quick I wouldn’t myself recommend it for that I guess some people would be fine I just haven’t trouble with my hand you know containing the water and balancing out the ratio to water powder so it’s to me a lot easier if you have a little Bowl available but you know it leaves your skin we’re.

So incredibly soft and like I said it removed my makeup and I would use it when I wasn’t wearing makeup and you know my skin is just so soft and smooth no tightness whatsoever and.

For something that’s containing all of different ladies you know it’s just fantastic so again I really enjoyed the pure earth cleansing greens the final product.

Is the wild chaga moisturizer this is a 2 ounce container and it retails for $30 it’s for mature dry normal and sensitive skins it’s an antioxidant powerhouse that protects restores and moisturizes your skin child on mushroom I didn’t know it as mushrooms works to repair and protect your skin from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress it contains high amounts of trace minerals contains vitamins b12 and three vitamin K and.

Vitamin D it also has amino acids phytonutrients and is a powerful antibacterial jojoba oil which is contained in this moisturizer it’s very similar to the skin’s natural sebum it lightly moisturizes without clogging your pores it’s known to have antibacterial properties it contains vitamins.

B and C and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue the pomegranate is an effective antioxidant also that helps boost collagen improves skin elasticity promotes cell regeneration and it evens out the skin tone and slows the.

Aging process that’s pomegranate you know a lot of people drink pomegranate juice also so this is a nice rich cream as you can see I’ve really dug into this also I.

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