Eufloria Botanicals Natural Skincare! Over 50 Beauty!

Really love it it leaves a shine but doesn’t feel greasy just.

Leaves a really smooth texture when you have it on works fine under makeup and at night I mean you have it on all night you wait for the morning your skin is just so silky smooth it’s just really fantastic all the products have a.

Really nice earthy fragrance especially these two the clinton greens and the moisturizer the cleansing brains kind of remind me once you add the water of if you were walking in the forest after it rained that’s the scent that’s what you know I thought it smelled like so again you Floria just really fantastic natural brand they’re offering free shipping on all orders of over $75 so that’s.
Really helpful so go ahead and give John and Jodi a visit on.

Their gorgeous website I mean look at this I just love web sites that are so clean and clear you know I just love to look at them so thanks so much.

For joining me today you know I think it’s so fun to introduce you to the new products every week and I hope you’re enjoying it too it’s always I think a great thing to know your options what’s really out there so until my next video bye bye.

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