How To Remove Google Custom Search Engine Virus

Hello friend kailash’s here in another video we will talk something tricky technique in this video every time i usually use the google search engine or searching anything on the internet but while searching when i type something to search and look for the search let’s see what happening here CSE that google.
com and something unnecessary contained front of me I.

Don’t want this useless content on my computer anyhow let’s start how to do it there on the setting menu click on the setting and then down at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure your are own setting menu is enabled so go to the other one setting and then click on the menu and the network session change proxy setting you will prom to new dialog box click on the land setting and click on use a proxy server for a lamp.

And take it and click OK ok guys this is the solution for that useless widest a group Google custom search Google custom search that’s all now you try to sell something using Google you will.
Be easily find what you are.

Looking for let’s have a example the same time my website name yeah do you see that previously it was showing something bad you will end like that that’s all you get it thank you very much for watching this video thank you you.

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