Cheat Codes Weirdest Pair Of Underwear ! | Hollywire

Hey chicos and we’re getting weird on Holi wire okay that was weird I don’t like what we’re doing things together like that sounds like like a choir hey what up we are Chico’s and we are getting weird on Holi wire a lot of weird places I’ve looked in the closet before slept in a bathtub before the weirdest place.

I ever slept when I first moved to LA I shared a one-bedroom with two other guys it was the few guys in one bedroom and sometimes just to get privacy I’ll just sleep in the closet.

Closet guys yeah I slept on the beach one times this isn’t a saying yeah I was sandy man you know that’s my sandy we just comment or I guess the weird yeah I guess social media this.
Is his one girl that like follow all of me and she’s.

Obsessed with like me and she falls my mom my family on Facebook and then I see my mom and I’m sharing her posts I’m like what’s going on Oh what is what is the actual okay I blocked her on my facebook she’s like princess a man.

This long so the weirdest comment or the worst.

Comment under the agreement would be on Facebook when we when we first started for the fort she codes to show that me and Trevor meta it wasn’t st. Louis when you play at this pizza place they used to pay the bands and pizza I didn’t get paid that cash you gotta believe.

That the worst oh wait I had this one of those want to be a millionaire want it yeah that’s great.

I threw this away but I used to have this pair of boxers and I had all these girls names on them and they were like crossed off and then like certain ones weren’t crossed on ice bucket list and I think I.

Just kind of weird I don’t think I have really weird pairs of boxers I got supreme boxers that’s probably the weirdest like with your mom’s name oh you just don’t think that’s weird no it would have weird cheat codes thanks for getting weird with us on Holi.

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