Asmr Huge Try-on Summer Clothing Haul – Soft Spoken/whisper Fabric Sounds

It’s banana milk t-shirt super cute and it’s from the website it’s Joe Jay Z or Zed oh I’m not sure how to pronounce it but it’s super cute I really recommend that you guys check it out I can really really beautiful website with all these super cute Asian like yesterday care items I love them I think they’re really.

Really nice and this is really really good quality very nice and soft and think I just think it’s really nice and it came in this really cute babe beige color and also in pink and it was really hard to choose.

What to get but I got it in this cuz I thought I was um I don’t know I have a lot of big so we’ve got it in this color and I love.

It I love to fit with the long sleeves and everything makes.

It look small I think it’s really cute and I like wearing it oh and they have three are the beautiful pictures on the.

Website so the girls where we’re wearing it with a skirt so that’s how I like to wear.

It do and I also got a skirt from that same website skirt which is really cute really pretty flowers I mean it tastes really nice too so many things yeah what’s that shirt it’s just so cute come on let’s go check out their website and the pictures because I think it’s very very aesthetic and then I also got this really cute jumper with a give little kitty on it and this as well was so hard to fake it they had it in so many different colors and I can’t they have.
Too and I just didn’t know like I really want this and I wanted it then the.

Gray into pink and then white as well but was hard to make I got the gray one because they feel like I got the gray one because I feel like it goes with a lot different outfits and it’s really really soft inside and I just really like jumpers like these don’t have a hoodie I feel like it’s really nice and casual for some where it’s like little playful things like this cute cutie you let me know if you guys like this what color should I have gotten.

It I don’t know sometimes I regret some says because I just wanted to know the colors and the last thing to make that from dis website is this pink dress I finally got something pink and if you’ve gone to website you can see the weighted 5th it’s really cute I left it thin straps and the color is really nice for summer as well and you tie it in the back the only thing is that.

This is gonna see through so you should wear something really like no one whether I think okay next I.

Of different items from a lot of different brands you can check out in the links umm these accessories cuz they’re great you’re like the must-haves for summer 2018 you’ll see.

Them everywhere and just go with everything super versatile they are the retro looking Sunny’s like get the hi Sandy’s they really fit everyone I think they’re super cute they’re.

Like your go-to settings for this summer and I.

Got them and white teal and they had them in a lot of different colors so again it was hard to pick out the know if I should get the red one when they have liked if colors in different lengths color – I.

Just went with the two most kind of basic ones let’s go with everything that’s gonna be but the next and these are anything but basic Wow look at this they’re so pretty on the caramandi shine.

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