Asmr Huge Try-on Summer Clothing Haul – Soft Spoken/whisper Fabric Sounds

Everything looks so cute so they have little Joey did comment again a lot of different colors and different Lance colored ink I got.

The pink ones believe it or not I.

Thought it looked less extra I just DS um I think I would wear more for like on the beach and I don’t know if I’ve told you before but I like wearing sand he’s on my head still I keep my hair in place I think that.

Would look really really cute I saw him on what’s-her-name Romy depict her I see good models she hunts some like similar once in black on her Instagram they looked really.
Nice then I got these really out there statement pieces earrings.

I mean look at this in different colors they has a lot of different neck statement earrings fake earrings like that I think you look so cute this just makes her outfit you can wear like just a simple turn they they don’t feel cheap I think if these were made like cheaply it wouldn’t work but these look very like nice quality so tangled right now it’s like for necklaces all in one which is really.

Useful and are layered left the way they fall and distance between it’s really.

Cute and the first one husband or the second one has little so cute right I love the first one I’d.

Like the little transparent rocks and then this well I don’t know what you call this like horseshoe I don’t.

Know thing is reka made popular than the other one just falls down.

It’s really really pretty I like it then I got this really cute frilly bikini I like the color and it’s comfortable because you don’t have any to tie it you know and it’s like.

And I just really like the little frills around to get super cute and the bottoms you choose.

Tie on the side which is nice and it’s not too cheeky I think it’s cute I got it besides me young man I get they think see it’s online I always like medium cuz I I don’t feel like.

What size to get I’m always characters this small it’s gonna be too small but this works and they’re just like the little shade of pink and I think it looks great I’m not Ernie – oh my god this next item.

Though is so cozy and so cool look at this color I love it so it’s so cool you have to go check it out on the website with the pictures they have like really really beautiful pictures again I love when website put in a lot of effort into pictures and this was so.

It’s really really nice quality this look I.

A little bit crap top and it’s fuzzy with long sleeves um obviously it’s summer now when I heard you’re dead it was a while ago but I thought I.

Would still show you it’s just so nice I just love the different colors and that’s very modern I think and I would still wear just.

Like on chilly days or like evening time with shorts I think it would be so cute for this oh my god this is so I wish you could feel it hey Candace I got more feeling colder with her cuz we get like warm weather kind of late here in my country but um what’s gel weird isn’t summer it’s like this for.

Fee amazing like really really nice quality jacket the zipper is really.

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