Asmr Huge Try-on Summer Clothing Haul – Soft Spoken/whisper Fabric Sounds

It’s kind of reversible I think you could wear it both.

Ways Oh or at least I’m gonna try me I just love getting a lot of useful things I get so fluffy and nice I can just wear just like an.

Angel evening be super cozy and days okay and now the summer dresses so the first one is the one that I’m wearing I love anything.

That’s like you don’t i’m trying it that you tie at the shoulders I think it’s really really beautiful and it’s in the moment is really a nice quality it’s like very solid I don’t know how to describe it but if you go on the site and you look at the pictures maybe you would see as I try.

To show it in my video but you can see very well but it’s like maybe you can imagine bear on the dare pictures but it’s really cute I’ll have to pattern into color it’s like a very modern yellow very pattern and the fit left a little frail at the bottom so a lot of these dresses don’t fit my waist but as I seen like all of my drone videos it’s my body I think it’s like nothing ever fits my waist.

Most people but I just saw a particularly small waist so I always stop thinking everything the next dress.

Is like one of my favorites it’s all black so simple and very elegant.

We can wedge the restaurants on a night out something and you tie it at the top of your shoulders again I think it’s so cute and I left a little I.

Don’t know what you call this frill I think it’s very nice detail they have to the top and bottom of the dress and it just.

Fits are quite cute and I really like it it’s a very nice black material I’ve done like black dresses are very cheap this one is not I like it a lot it’s why I was scared I couldn’t be cheap and it’s not see-through so I really like the quality of that as well okay then I have this really casual.

Like very innocent purple I like blueish dress with flowers on it I have really cute sleeves which is nice Oh to make you look more dressed sometimes I mean just prints like she’s wearing strappy thing that’s going nicely hoping a little sleep and it has two long rails on it and the neckline is really cute too and it’s very simple it’s really really comfy you know has to get the.

Waist makes it fit your body nicely and it’s.

A very nice material too I like this material for summer dresses and the last dress is like one of my favorites favorite favorite.

It’s red and you’ve probably seen it other stories I think this is a replica maybe designer one but for a less which I love I love the buff when those websites make.

More foods and I love that pattern red it’s the cute a different color flowers the yellow super cute and what I like the most is the straps they have France I think.

It’s really love this and they had this in the short version and in the long version and oh it’s much I wish I would have gotten it in the long version dough cuz I’m as I said I’m very tall so the short one is a little bit too short like deaf like I would wear it with shorts.

Underneath and preferably like at the beach or something I think it would look more appropriate because it’s short on me but if your normal height that would fit you.

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