Boohoo Modest Fashion Autumn Haul | 2018

Now I just want to get straight to it this time hey guys assalamualaikum hope you’re all well so this month’s haul video is boohoo and this is really straightforward I don’t feel like I need to say much I’ve heard their refunds process is really easy it’s $1.

99 special offer for next day delivery so it came really really quick.

Thing is obviously as always on my Instagram I put all.

The pics up of everything that I might want to order and then you guys vote and then I go with the top over a 70% vote so a few things would be whoo but unfortunately outside so then I kind.

Of chose alternatives I’ve gone for size 12 with everything I’m five foot four and a half and as always in the.

Description box I will put a link to everything I have ordered now I just want to get straight to it this time averages around the same price as she in it was a little bit hard to try to find outfits that are suitable for modest fashion but if you make the effort and kind of trawl through all.
Their pages there are stuff that hopefully work well.

Hopefully we’ll see so yeah I really like the packaging this outfit was a bit confusing because it showed this color and then when I selected it it showed like a burgundy and this is the.

Color I wanted so I’m really pleased the material before I even show you the outfit it’s it’s alright it’s like a crepe type material and it’s.

Quite soft white see-through that’s the only thing I say but well it’s so gorgeous I love this color and actually it is a really stunning look a lace across the waist and the buttons basically go up to here and then obviously it’s kind of like an open front nice and full sleeve which just makes it so so easy basically a t-shirt and.

Trousers and you’re covered love it so much this lace effect just makes the whole dress and black probably isn’t the best combo for it but I’ve only got a couple of here jobs that I want to try with these outfits just to make it quick and easy comes in a few colors so I think.

It comes in black and the off-white and this color and I also saw like a burgundy I don’t know it seemed like there was a bit of a technical issue with that one it’s so nice oh my gosh I can’t even.

Explain it’s quite long so I’m five foot four and a half and it goes about that much longer like I’ll show you it’s kind of on the floor if I stand normally but obviously if I wore heels then it’d be perfect love this ring this one kind of.
Feel like I always end up with one two three.

Black outfits because obviously these black you can’t go wrong so I wasn’t gonna get this but it got loads of votes from you guys it’s a MIDI dress so I do need to check that it’s not too short because I like my dresses to go quite a lot under the knee if not maxi dress.

So it’s a wrap midi dress and it’s just one of those everyday like going up with friends or even going to work tarah.

Wise it’s comfy enough and it’s like that handy material that you.

Probably could get away with no.

Ironing let’s see what it looks like okay guys so this one came up a little bit tight like around here otherwise it’s gorgeous the only other thing is can you see it comes up to here so it’s a little bit short for me so it’s like halfway between my knee bottom so it’s not halfway between my knee and my feet I prefer it as long as it can be it’s actually quite flattering is quite like it’s a really nice shape I don’t know it’s something about here like the way it fit doesn’t it’s not.

Perfect but otherwise it is really nice I really like it but I probably won’t keep it just because for me.

It’s a little bit short you know I’m all about the maxi dresses basically if you want a bit more like space then probably go for a size off so.

This is probably the one I was most looking forward to it looks a bit small for a 12 or at least it looks a bit small for me II kind of feel like all these materials are quite similar so again this is like that crepe type.

Material a bit annoying that it’s not long-sleeve like that just sort of covered it but it comes up to I think here comes with the belt which has like an leather feel but obviously it’s not real leather there’s like two splits here yeah it’ll look really nice online so let’s see how it looks on so.

Align maybe it’s just it doesn’t fit me very well.

It’s not flattering in my opinion maybe I expected too much I don’t know but um yeah this bit doesn’t fit right this belt I don’t feel is doing it any justice.

I mean I’m trying to cover it to be honest maybe it’s there’s too much going on like they’ve tried to put the splay they’ve tried to go funky with the arms you’ve got the belt they’ve got the bottom detail I mean it’s comfy and everything but it’s not working for me this one yeah this one got loads of votes kind of sorted with.

It because it’s got long sleeves and the sleeves are Wow actually gosh look at these sleeves they are beautiful I love love love this it comes right up so you’re covered in that sense and it’s a full-length maxi dress it’s.

Not lined so we need to see if it’s see-through hopefully not and then.

It’s got this lovely detail at the waist and it’s got a belt attached oh gosh is that.

That’s strange so that is the front and it’s got the belt attached on the front so what does it come I’ll have to work out how that works because I can’t remember what they did in the pic.

I’m really looking forward to trying this one on let’s see how it goes high-low of this dress is definitely.

The sleeves I love the sleeves so much I just keep wanting to do now I don’t understand what this.

Bill is about so it was attached here like you see icon it doesn’t go beyond this bit and then it was just a loose belt and I feel like it looks a bit weird just having a little thin strip go along but it does.

Look amazing from the back like the way it kind of closes it in and then drapes.

Like I love all of that stuff going on and I love the waist I just don’t.

Know about this little strip going across the only other disadvantage is I’ve had to wear my scarf like back because.

The back here it goes so low it’s literally hanging loose here so of her to like bring my scarf round to cover my back and I’m also wearing my t-shirt underneath because I’m not sure I think it is see-through what I didn’t want to risk it anyway honestly think this can be accessorized up and worn a special occasion and obviously these sleeve like they.

Don’t even need any words they’re just so nice I can’t tell if this dress is flattering or if it’s making me look bigger that’s nearly thing it’s the perfect length if you wear heels and I’ll show you you can see this is me tiptoeing.

If I just stood straight it kind of drapes a little bit on the floor and honestly I just I love it I don’t really have much to say about.

This outfit I just think it’s stunning this sleeve detail definitely makes it it is so nice like this one this isn’t exactly what I thought it looked like online so I thought it was just polka dot but it’s like big polka dots and lemony I don’t know have a look this print isn’t really working for.

Me the material is quite different.

Quite like a silky type feel and then at the bottom it’s.

Got like a frill detail so it’s some wrap midi dress but I think it goes down quite a lot and then it’s got this frill detail I don’t know.

Maybe when I wear it it will be like wow what am I talking about okay cool let’s try this one on so this dress is a Miss it’s just not happening for me in any shape or form I feel like this bit is a bit too like flamenco Spanish nah it’s really not working with me and then when you wear it at the front so it wraps.

Across and then this bit is just going like this which is really annoying I don’t know maybe an iron would fix it it just makes me feel.

I could 12 year old schoolgirl it’s it’s not happening guys other than the back which is quite nice nothing else about this dress works for me okay guys this was like a last minute fine so one of the dresses that you guys voted for they.

Just don’t have it in my size I went back to look at another one and then when I searched for it this came up and I was like this is amazing where was it it was himself I’m sure it was like 21 pounds and it looked really expensive online oh wow it is so vintage.

This is gonna need some work in terms of mortis fashion I didn’t check the back so I didn’t realize there’s like a big split at the back so pretty the other.

Downside is the lighting just comes up to here and then like this is just complete clear lace oh I really like here I actually wonder if I can get a tailor.

To just add lining to it it still worth it like if you’ve only paid twenty one pounds I might do that you know I’ve only got a.

Few like long sleeve t-shirts I don’t even know what I can wear under this right now that will make it look half decent just in case it doesn’t fit me because it looks quite small let me just show you how stunning it is so it goes all the way.

Man what am I gonna do about this dress so the material is beautiful do you know what let me try it on that’s the first thing let’s get that hurdle all the way we.

Have to find a way but I can make this outfit work this lace fit is amazing it’s way too short the lining obviously at the back it’s got the gap bit in like the neck it’s very low so.

I’m a bit conscious of that other than those very small minor details this.

Dress is just wow I can imagine like just wearing this to an afternoon tea party.

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