Boohoo Modest Fashion Autumn Haul | 2018

It’s very very vintage all that goes through my head is 21 pounds like how can I return this I have to be able to do something.

With it so I would say like I just need to find a.

Tailor to work around it I probably would never go for a.

Nude as a base color just find a way to make it work because it’s so beautiful.

I need to properly think about the stress but I’m not letting it go at that price that’s all not zeros all right I mean they’re all pretty similar in material but this one’s a bit softer I would say got a little split at the front here and then it’s got a belt as what no.

I really like this I’d say of the two stripe dresses this is definitely my favorite it flows really nicely I like the fit obviously got this belt which makes it all the more fluttering and it’s just simple it’s understated just one split here which I think works you know keep the dress.

Quite flowy nice flowy fits well perfect length or so and finally.

We’ve got this which I’ve just realised is the same as the black one a different color basically so I’ve ended up with the same dress but anyway I’ll still try it.

On and see which one I prefer so yeah let’s guess one.

It’s the same obviously as the black one although I feel like it fits a bit better in terms of here it just stays in place it doesn’t move overall yeah I like it I don’t really an issue with it obviously it’s MIDI.

So that’s the only issues wish it was maxi because I was it’s a.

Keeper it’s just like I really.

Can’t be just a day out type of dress so yeah no issues really with this one I guess just to summarize on all the outfits I think overall like I found some really good buy.

And I’m actually really impressed that the prices are similar to she in and also I avoided buying most things from sell other than that lace dress everything else was full priced because obviously there’s no point me doing a haul or sale items if you guys can’t find them you don’t have that risk with boohoo of not being able to return anything so I definitely say it’s worth trying you’re like ordering anything that you like the look of getting it in the next day they also do I think five-pound 99 over the.

Year and then you get unlimited next day delivery and I was really impressed actually because.

I ordered quite late on the Friday and it still came on Saturday so it’s just really straightforward you know we’d be her if it doesn’t fit they’re absolutely going to be.

Fine with returns I hope you enjoyed the hoard don’t forget to comment your favorite outfit and an outfit that you think really didn’t work I do read through every single comment and take note of what you guys think.

Till next time don’t spend too much assalamu alaikum.

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