Diy: How To Bleach Your Hair From Brown To Blonde At Home + How To Fix Orange Hair | Chloe Zadori

Today’s the day I’m gonna be bleaching my hair today I’ve been thinking about going blonde for a few months now but it’s only like two or three nights ago that I was like I’m gonna do this myself I just started looking videos online and I was like this looks so easy you know having lots of how to dye.
Link all those down below okay so.

As you can probably tell I have lots of the gray roots I haven’t done my hair in three months so if I.

Didn’t have to worry about my roots I would just do a belly ash.

I think it looks really pretty I really like the look of you know darker roots and then lighter hair but I can’t really do that because if you think about it like if I was to dye my roots dark and then do about yeah I should’ve ended when my roots would start to grow it would be white.

Brown blonde it’s it’s gonna be too much so I want to get my base to a lighter color so when my hair grows my gray hair is not as noticeable I’ve never done before I’m kind of a little bit nervous but I think it’s.
Gonna be fine so I went to a store.

Column in a Gonza but anyway like beauty supply.

Located in an apron on but there’s I’m gonna try to find everything I can you know find online on Amazon da da and us for all of you it cost me $74 with tax we have a lot of texture so um.

But you can definitely do this under $50 because I bought a more expensive bleach and I also got two different.

Toners the first thing that I got of course is some bleach so I was gonna get the L’Oreal bleach that lots of people use but the girl recommended this one and this one won’t damage your hair is much.

More it will help to prevent breakage but this is the joy joy called the one lightening powder and it retails for $50 I guess but it was on sale for 38 but I found it on Amazon for 36 I got some developer I.

Saw what two people bleached your hair with a 30 volume which is gonna lift here more this will only give me one.
To two level of lift levels of left but since my hair.

Is not like super super healthy the girl recommended I use 20 and you also use 20 volume for the toner she recommended I use a 10 volume but I’m not gonna do that I’m sorry bought just a little bottle of 10 volume this.

Is not gonna lift the hair it’s just gonna like stab lies or like deposit color Dan I.

Kind of I really like the look of darker roots but I one of my groups would.

Be able to blend in better with my gray hair I really didn’t know what kind.

Of color it’s so hard for me to picture what I’m gonna look like with blond hair and also I want my pale skin to look good with my blonde hair um I was kind of blondish before and I kind of hated it when I was fair because it was not nice I’ll.

Of what it looked like I think I had this hair color for like two months I really didn’t like it when I was bill and my goal is I want to look good when I’m pale with my pale here um.

So yeah um okay so I really didn’t know what kind of color I wanted I.

Didn’t know if I wanted a strawberry blonde I thought this might look good on me with my eyes cuz I really like warm tones usually with my eyes but then when I I don’t know so we’re testing this.

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