Diy: How To Bleach Your Hair From Brown To Blonde At Home + How To Fix Orange Hair | Chloe Zadori

Out I didn’t want to be ashy either because I I didn’t want to be ashy because I.

Thought it wouldn’t really go with my eyes so anyways I got.

Again from Draco it was not planted this.

The whole kit packed color you know these are actual colors of permanence cream color not toners but I don’t know sorry I got um 7b which is the dark beige and I got so this will be for my roots and I got a beet medium beige blonde for the rest of my so right now I’ve been dying my hair a level-five my roots I was buying a level 5.

Neutral to really be able to cover my gray and then the rest of my hair is like a 5 warm and yesterday I kind of wanted to prep my hair for this so I did wash my hair I use the metrics total result.

The Reeb on this is shampoo conditioner and like this is you.

Put this in before the conditioner I’m not gonna talk too much about this but this is really good I started using this maybe like a month ago and it made my hair feel like I was 17 again when my hair was like.

Super healthy and nice I really enjoyed this I’m out of the shampoo now but I.

Still have the conditioner in there like treatment I will continue to.

Use those yeah this is like supposed to rebound the hair really.

Nice if you if you bleach your hair or process your hair a lot says on the box to use equal amounts of bleach and developer it it isn’t missing a nail okay so now I’m just gonna.

Section my hair I’m gonna brush my hair okay just gonna take I’m gonna start with the bottom actually and of course if you were doing it balayage which I’ll.

Probably do eventually when I want to go a little lighter and all film best you would be like teasing the hair and like taking long sections but I’m just gonna die though I’m nervous the consistency is kind of a little thick okay and let’s do it.

Cuz if I don’t do it now oh my god okay so making sure I actually prefer to do this my hands but it’s so funny because usually when I die my hair dark I start with my roots but we are starting with the bottom of my hair yeah just making.

Sure it’s saturated Oh actually I think this okay I don’t know if she won’t be able to see but the first one I did already started lifting so if you’re watching this video maybe it’s because you’ve watched also other like hair-dye videos so el bangs I don’t think that’s her name I’m like I don’t think l is her name anyways she’s a professional colorist a blonde specialist and she was explaining like toners and like how to cut brassiness in here and basically to what you’re going blonde.

You’re like stripping color out.

Of your hair so as you get later let’s say you start from black first you need to get rid of like red and then you need to get rid of orange and then you need to get rid of yellow to achieve a blond so it’s simply to go on and then use a toner to cut the breast mess you need to get your hair to a yellow color think.

Because I think I’ll have to do another round of bleach so I think I’ll do my groups with that other round and I think some parts I’ll have to correct what.

I was recommended to do was um put a plastic bag on my head okay I mean this is very about the best job ever but I’m just gonna wait maybe like 15 minutes okay so it’s my hair feels very warm so it’s 4:40 it’s been an hour since I started the process of course this didn’t have as much time to prep my hair is so freaking okay so of course this is orange but see I have some parts that are kind of looking a.

Little blondish of course I would probably need like a second but oh look at that like here this is so so flattering um like right here I don’t know if you’ll be able to see but this is looking yellow which this is.

What we want so I am back it was kind of a long I well first I washed and conditioned my hair um if you were to just bleach and then tone you don’t need to condition you because you’re gonna talk but I’m gonna do another session of bleach so the majority of my hair is orange which is good there’s a bit of yellow in it towards the end and.

Like right here so I think what happen here that was my virgin hair like my.

Virgin brown hair so that lifted very well but then I I still have some red pieces here cuz my hair was not all the same color.

Like I still had some darker pieces so I will do another round with bleach I just made some one so again for this each session I mean for now I’m not gonna touch my roots I’m just not going to and I’m doing a.

Second bleach session just because I use I use a 20 volume not a 30 and so I feel like like it’s gonna be fun I’m gonna try to saturate the areas that are darker so here I’m doubly going to saturate that and again as I said I’m not gonna touch it’s warm here like the bleach is dry but not here almost looks like an I mean it’s cuz then the bleach is blue but it looks like an action.

Okay so my hair is just way too hard like to move around like there’s no way I could do my roots I’ll probably go just leave this on for I don’t maybe 15.

Minutes or something okay so um I promise it’s likely shirt this is usually when I dyed my hair brown um it’s been 15 minutes.

Yeah everything is open like the window my other window my door so probably some noise um so this is like my bun I.

Put it in the bag it’s been 15 minutes this is warm you know how.

Warm it gets and it’s like fluffy not funny but like it’s squishy it’s it doesn’t burn nothing burns my eyes are fine now so I will just go and take get on my shower wash and condition.

My hair to use these here that’s gonna deep conditioned and I’m just gonna do my roots in my toner tomorrow hi guys so this is my hair today so this is the next day it’s a little later today um I’ve had like a pretty bad headache all day today and yesterday so there’s that it just like yesterday felt.

Like it had been swimming in a pool full of chlorine all day and then today it’s just pretty bad headaches so this.

Is the state of my hair so when I was washing my hair yesterday I was like oh my gosh I’m alone and then when I got up there I was like well no I am no blonde my hair was like actually pretty dark color I still had some black spots and so it was expected that I was not gonna be like super light so I was able to really condition my hair I let my hair air dry weather air dry while I was sleeping.

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