Diy: How To Bleach Your Hair From Brown To Blonde At Home + How To Fix Orange Hair | Chloe Zadori

With lots of oil so it looks really like messed up but it’s just kind of curly cuz I slept on it so yeah I’m not gonna be the the level of blonde I I’m kind of going for but you have.

To do this in you know it’s a process so especially if you are starting with already processed dark hair so um what I actually did today I really didn’t know if the the colors I originally bought we’re gonna work on.

This hair basically I was able to like lift my hair to a level 7 so the hair color that I originally.

Bought was a level 8 and it would have worked on this level of hair and the blue is going.

To be able to counteract this orange to bleach I’m going to be using one part of bleach two parts developer I’m still going to use my 20 volume I’m just gonna do my roots really quickly I’m actually gonna start with the bottom just because I know my roots.

Are gonna turn much lighter like where I had like.

Virgin hair it’s much lighter so I don’t want to have like super late roots so.

I’m actually gonna start with the bottom so if this gets lighter it’s not as bad and if you were to bleach your hair with 30 volume don’t use 30 volume on your roots scalp because it’s gonna bring yourself so this is the next day I look awful this whole thing is driving me a little crazy I’ve been watching some of these videos about color correcting and all of that it’s writing me a little crazy.

So I cannot wait to be done this might make sure for my route so I have a little bit of the light brown and then look you know I have a majority of this is like a light brown which is this the 6b and then I have a little bit of the 7n which is a it’s a it dark blonde so yeah let’s do this again so yeah.

As I said I’m enjoying my roots and I kind of want them to bring.

The color down you think this will bring you down.

There no more I’m just kind of going like you know I’m just doing what I think they said I’ve never so me if you smell it and.

I will never sell myself and you can ride at least and don’t believe.

In me believe just make me say a week and a week and never stress a thing but we can go another family we don’t disagree when the sunshine irregardless okay so I’m done it looks hella dark I yeah.

I mean hopefully it’s not gonna turn out too dark because I did all this work for nothing what I didn’t show it is because I was trying.

To work really fast I took the remaining of the 8 e in a separate Bowl and so on.

My very ends I would apply the AP which is the lightest color so anyways a7 is supposed to be a dark blond in a 8 medium blonde so I don’t know hey guys so this is kind of a weird.

Lighting I’m editing my video and I wanted to do like an outro I’ve waited a little while to do this outro so it’s been 2 weeks today since I color my hair I feel like I look like myself like two years ago that’s kind of weird and yet I know like of course my brown hair is much better on me like I know but I just wanted to switch it up I wanted to try something new.

Also something I’ve been like thinking about like wow I was you know going through this whole process with my hair hair color to me and like hair styling and just makeup and like comedy acting all of this to.

Me is like art and I think yes you can go to school to become a makeup artist you can’t go to school to become a comedian like you can go to school for all of these things but you.

Can also learn by yourself and be the most successful now of course you know I’m I’m not gonna open up a salon but I I think I I mean I didn’t do it Theobald I mean it looks like the color is weird it looks like a nice caramel color here but then in other.

Lighting’s it looks like green and some Lighting’s it looks yellow sometimes it looks straight up orange I don’t know what this is I’ve had so much fun like learning about color and all of that.

And it was very interesting for me to like research all of that.

Anyway have fun I don’t want to take any credit away from professionals but you know um okay so where I went wrong first of all doing to bleats sessions is definitely not recommended I would not recommend them I would not recommend you do to wait.

Like a couple of days like it’s not gonna kill you like to wait like I’m super impatient and like impulsive when it comes to things like that stuff and in one way and my hair was not in the healthiest state possible I’m boiling.

Some water so my hair was not in the healthiest start like safe to begin with also I should have put my my hair in boils because I think what happened is the beliefs like had time to dry out my hair but like the.

Bleach was not done processing and I think if the bleach is dry it’s not processing anymore that means like it’s not lifting anymore so I feel like the first time like bleach.

Did I should have just done one bleach session in foils it.

Would have bleached through the full like its full potential and so yeah I would have done that and then also the colors the first few days when I realized like what had happened to my hair it was not.

Just a color I hated that was really weird it was the fact of the past it was hella damaged I need some nice here okay like I.

Can say it anyways I you saw I’m good here and you know I’ve been coloring it.

And so the past couple of years it’s not as great I’m thinking about getting a keratin treatment because my hair girl is thinking grows a lot here but then here like it’s been staying the same length for two years yes I know I don’t get haircuts it’s definitely next thing I’m.

Doing is getting a haircut anyways I’m filming.

A whole bit this video is all over the place I feel like so let’s just say I’m filming right now like a video on how I’m fixing this damaged mess doesn’t look too bad right now cuz I’ve been taking.

Really good care of it I used to think my hair.

For granted I didn’t know I’m used to doing my hair for granted so now I mean I’ve learned that I have to take care of my hair so that’s.

What I’ve been doing I do think I would like to get a protein Keir keratin treatment because my hair is lacking protein right now it’s never been like that before it feels like wet like when it’s wet it feels like.

Spaghetti or like rubber bands it’s the weirdest thing so there is that also the.

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