Diy: How To Bleach Your Hair From Brown To Blonde At Home + How To Fix Orange Hair | Chloe Zadori

Colors I use the girls recommended me I told them how many times I have I like told the girls I.

Wanted to bleach and tone my hair I feel.

Like 10ml Jolie channel I wanted to tell my hair and they recommended a permanent color cream now says in the name it’s permanent I mean you I wanted to.

Go lighter like the first girl.

I talked to she knew like I wanted to.

Go blonde you know and I had to start with like a medium dark blonde so anyways I don’t know why she recommended a.

Permanent color cream I was really mad when I like realized that when it was already done um hopefully this is gonna fade cuz then like I want to go later so anyways also then like I went.

Back to switch my colors to another place and the girl was like oh the first girl did not recommend the right things but then she also did not give me the proper colors I needed a blue base because blue corrects Orange I feel like I could have used like a Wella t35 toner that has a.

Blue base I feel like I could have saved it but no they recommended me some permanent clerking anyways so yeah this is where I feel like I went wrong I mean I’m the end.

I wasn’t really showing you how I was dyeing my hair cuz honestly I was so fed up I was mad cuz I knew it was not gonna turn out fine I had a headache it was a lot I had been dyeing my hair for three days so um yeah.

But basically like I’m happy with the way the color is place you know like I straighten my hair so you can see I don’t really like my hair straight usually but this side is not as nice but like this side my hair was already super and even cuz the guy that had did a color remover on my hair a couple months.

Back it was not even I mean I don’t want to blame him cuz of course like stuff happens but my color was already not even so for me to like do this not bad so um yeah I just.

With the darker color here I then applied the 7n and the 8b here and then towards a very very end I only use the 8b on my ends and like of course the color is weird I don’t know what kind of color this is but there’s no harsh line there’s not like much like difference between three shades I gotta have three colors in my hair but like there’s no like.

Gradient really but yeah my roots already started growing so my hair grows like it grows I just.

Mean like you know it’s gonna feel really good when it cut it way I’ve been treating my hair really well it’s gonna get better but yeah but I do this again of course I would because this is how I am um I will.

Go lighter it’s just now I don’t know like what do I do like do I wait for this color to fade it’s not really gonna fade it’s a permanent color um am I gonna have to bleach the whole frickin thing I don’t know so.

It is I don’t really know what I’m gonna do so yeah I might just try different toners so my hair looks very different also so lighting right now it looks like a caramel color anyways this is my hair um do I regret it yes and no I mean I do regret some parts of it but yeah if you’re not doing your hair by yourself I say go go for it that is pretty much it let me know if you like.

I mean thank you so much for all the sweet comments that I got on my Instagram at first like I really hated it I was I really hated it I don’t like this but um I’m still kind of like do I want to go to school looking like that like I’m starting.

Gonna put my hair up but you know any bad link I.

Think I know no I’m kidding it makes me look more intense so I do appreciate that the tone is awful though so yeah it is cuz it.

Looks like agree but you know it’s I have not used a blue shampoo yet because I wanted to show you the result of the color without and I will actually film a video using the metrics brass off shampoo I’ll use that next time.

Wash my hair so you can see what that does I’m excited to see what it does anyways that is the end of this video if you have any questions let me know and down.

Below if you are a professional and want to give.

Me some tips let me know and like the permanent color cream is it gonna go away like what am I gonna do cuz I don’t want to keep this.

I would like to make me do my hair in like two to three weeks I feel like I can tough 2 to 3 weeks I don’t know so yeah anyway so thank.

You for watching you can subscribe my channel I will definitely bring you along when I change my hair again you can pull me.

On instagram at Chloe Satori and yeah.

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