These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

Quick today I’m sorry Chad off my phone it’s nothing I flip photos it’s not that baby with Dylan and going like rebound like pewter have anything so there’s chillin and there we go let’s go find a match you’re a yellow rink again let’s try not to lose it my lipstick is messed up so I press up it doesn’t.

Go up but I shouldn’t be to be up hominis and to rank mattresses I’d be all right here hopefully I get too much lag and so cuz I.

Know you’re a lot like sometimes and I can’t do that let’s change it let’s change this one that teams color cook got a part I thought looks better for this.

What’s up Alex so see I’ve been telling my control they’ve been messing up like I sort of.

This elite I’m pressing all the way up I’m pressing all the way if you see what’s all he looks like stop walking like if I go down here and go straight up see that it like stops.

I pause but see right here see right here how to make a slow and then it stops yeah that’s what happened you lot so I took my other control free guys it’s like focus more in the actual buttons I need so the.

Right sticks time away cuz the right sticks usually pretty long stead of control freakin stuff that’s how long this for that no homo let’s go Ginter match let’s check my stats cuz everyone loves to see these total ranked matches 61 39 one ranked match one rate 63 percent it’s pretty good there’s a stick getting stuck it’s not the actual like like I don’t feel it like on the stick.

Does it so like it’s not getting stuck though cuz I had another one that broke like that and it’s not like that right actually physically get stuck sit just.

Doesn’t move up it’s it’s the controller haha come on super tacks used super attacks though what I finally had a 95 super tacks use how could I.

Do 130 how can I hit that there media attacks which means Ultimates I think I’ve used a lot of super dashes and the way less drag my shoes I should vanishes a lot a lot so that’s one nice see I’m still pretty new to all this stuff so I saw a girl I’ve never summon Shenron can see I’m not a.

Scumbag nice comeback I don’t do that this ultimate see changes use oh yeah that’s the we’re gonna use or you switch into an old toy I think at all I cancel that’s character frequency good things I use go tanks when I first started got slapped of him could not fire it then Gohan same.

Way let’s see I got absolutely slap to those characters Goku black spin every single one just because he’s super.

Good Vegeta has been on eight and I’ve won seven of Vegeta so masu is also good oh I lost marathon this is count I think this is counting my um my League point ones has gone for League wins too so that’s probably why.

Happened just do proc me I won this reason I did this asshole right here fucking dick pussy y’all want to win on me you fucking asshole yeah little nip laocoon in the become I don’t know how you say that name 645 year dickhead.

Razor yes same thing at this razor dude right here razor got clapped two times runs with a quick victory never once fight me again I’m not even that good it’s like and I wasn’t an acute us whole time in there I said it’s all above one yeah these matters warrants these matters want my rank Matt’s just like these ones like.
It’s a razor I for him in the lead time.

Pause okay we can do ranked or we can do we can.

Do lead to a bit on a hug good people I lead the see you know Russia no motor here head let us look and see the Union Circuit there’s no motor.

That I should be all this to gun now fujio’s number-one ejidos never went out everything you look ii cool they stared trees entered 17 and returned one curling zuma soon apple does a top 10 here’s the next 10 so it’s vegeta so goku black second 12 right now what’s this one i’m in and everyone else who.

Even in it surprise captain ginyu got in there who isn’t in there who is not and i think every character is actually in there it’s a one kick that’s not yet seen.

On who’s not here and I don’t think not I wasn’t him that was not.

Him to do I slapped like 20 times of us and that was mine that’s definitely nothing it’s it’s not the burly dude it’s not that burly entra21 dude and then he played someone else’s big – it’s not that do it it’s not – dude I slap like 15 times it wasn’t him I just go by think matches now I definitely say we could look at his team real quickly.

Make sure that’s the best team yeah it definitely wasn’t him because.

Like he has um he has adult Gohan Goku blacking gnome Goku okay so no I don’t think so cuz.

Look I’ve seen it seems so much different I guess teams really different unless I just randomly found him but I definitely the same stream so I remember but I also I’m not looking at I have to guess PSN’s.

Either – nicknames the name was weird vantika Sam salon names like that but it might be I don’t think so I like this a little bass Vegeta I got so it looks like a better version the Halloween Halloween vegeto blue costume I defy.
You can suck my pain doc trying to play ring.

I stop pointy I’m you for looking out bro Oh sad plain I suppose it cuts on let’s make that list it’s trying to fuse with me let’s let’s make it living more Leggero quick how we nothing much Arielle finally has the worst connection and I said but like you know we can’t find the one so let’s just like to do bad picture.

Okay timbi Ellie’s I see the fireman no she’s not fighting me.

This good connection I wouldn’t blame him for you know 260 matches 79 wins I don’t know if I’m threatened by that but he has a lot of matches that’s not to me wins he’s.

A green ranked super saying less PP than me he has more dokdo and he I like blame you dinner playing against them I mean don’t my play he’s a number to skip this alone seven frame delay okay you better access that.

Thing I’m fabulous Elsie can you.

Can you do it no you can okay he’s done we stopped coming around the country let’s do.

This honestly like the most lost ever the fact is awesome unless he likes the solution or the practice at Super Saiyan back there we go there’s life in sex do that sure super stoked my turn could you mind not doing that please you chose weirdly with this place get your lap oh thank you man there’s an openly into the rotation karna.

Then you tried to go for the ranlo fee again – I can tell he’s going.

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