These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

Want every men tonight feel like that fight should have been even in commission payments but my ability is greater than doing that’s the biggest life.

For all day my ability is greater than.

Theirs know your abilities not yet waiting matches that’s our Mozart everything do not think that just because you have fought alongside me that I have forgiven.

You for your sins how do we do that ain’t loads and he went off that’s Wow bucks is the senior sofa hitboxes coming back it looks like this like Lily I didn’t even like what’s the disadvantage of.

Being a big dummy you can’t be late move by Gohan lady of one disadvantage the whole game that’s the option that’s just one option as you die for being Android 16 music and.

I have a thing in this car just because I said Oh nice one ten new birth did you actually find cheese I like to fight by disappear look like I expected the exact Omega he did that shit again he was just wrong as open–it missed me you.

Can sell to each other here lots of friends I know better than him like I slapped in that one that’s retard lahar he hasn’t actually like everybody hate it just don’t need to stop doing that and I got the.

Mega Rose I need that whole square this lady to save him kisses says what the fuck I crashed into in my mister he’s sold he’s hitting me burns how this dude become like the worst player in to gauge how does food become the worst player on to.

A decent play like he was lately like the worst player ever like I mean I really have 14 people were sisters Alan or anything that’s all because you just invited joking howdy not dies to the Android 17 if you’re the best or the Anderson team they do best again I’m joking after I.

Got the best care can you do anything after tracking mango absolute garbage and the Calico site P bagging stuff like he was good just busy guy and attention maybe he got lucky just because I assist try me again chime again he Liddy I kill him fall three my character sometime you can’t do that to me that’s shitty this.

Type of business that’s gonna.

Kill me with him again the same Rebecca this because you have leukemia definitely that’s how he come by saying exactly.

Yes now I know you can’t singsong mt way sending so fuckin soon you get fucked Vegeta I don’t wanna play whatsoever I’m.

Barda seems like you’ve mistaken me for Kakarot yeah seems like you be sticky backs on mascara it looks like I’m in a whole different league than you dad asked at us for a whole different league.

I thought it says a whole different league Holden how about I put.

Me there we go now I feel like fuck you yeah you like that fucking.

Gonna really you really had a teabag this cuz I because I let my guard down I let my guard down I shouldn’t let him when I first with cheetah fight’ yeah I just don’t how to play with you know I thought a different color.

And he was so bad he wasn’t forcing me to hold square like usually I’d whole square so like this don’t get combo by BSN side it holds grind him I was just not gonna hold square I’m not gonna do that but yes what yeah so really bad at there you say that it’s like bresciani shot lately just an eerie calm both paradox.

Doing the quarterback media it’s the best it’s the best thing in the game like it’s a easy ass knockdown.

You got lucky and V knows what to call 17 because got super lucky and I then and end up being hit on I’m not super cocky you know Alex either I probably often about things it comes off think I want to get don’t we take it load and I can get it over what’s this thing do I think it’s the same.

Dude on the previously some other connection same Union stuff but luckily a Goku you know see this not good idea lots of the same dislike messaging right now it might be a same dude thinks I say me it is him no way it’s him it’s actually am alright it’s him.

No fucking way it’s actually him and that sentence the most left-hander sir I never finished off without understanding the question and now by the time I would have hit him up again come.

Back up at 17 I know fuck man that’s so easy way to way to you yeah give me a challenge you have been me a challenge you have to give me a challenge.

I think a child’s look like powered.

Up you see that how do you a challenge remember memories in this all these immature stuff haha like a fire bitch yeah watch me I’m gonna give you one more chance and I’m done yeah one.

More chance I’m fine oh not a frame the lake often offender hi I can never tell 17 I lift up on.

17 again it’s always a 17 this crane that came out of know if you.

Don’t grip the strangely just friendlies on nowhere that’s only matches no friendly I turned around a dress as we get a better interpret to end up as my execution orders of 17 combatants 17 shouldn’t be alive right.

Well Kakarot sim posture good it’s that thing real quick you should this never teabag now whenever I want to start sweating one enough well I went into this it wasn’t happens that’s what happened I went.

Into women that tried this hard I wouldn’t never tried to sort we just didn t bag on me but nope you had to you had to kill yourself but.

You actually had to do it that’s crazy if you just want to did it very gently that’s crazy I do just want to know feedback I want to know I did that I see this I thought did the stand teabag me and when I did that when they even tried the heart out of just spin yeah good game whatever does your same that’s the dude just counsel dicks and he’s.

Not gonna ready yet it was late for the connection duh am I reading all right 580 my wins me matches.

Hundred ninety six wins I gotta go hunting and majin buu I.

Don’t know who if his team synergies good cuz I never really used on majin buu Gohan I’m either like his assist either and then Yamcha his first it’s so doctor I could really hold you back asking Michael if you do not with big team I think especially tombow to I am so bad Oh I’m stretchy I think my foot masses as I press Start ouch man chill that’s.

Ice parking might begin any action I feel like I can do doll escape so this is my go-to guy let the hello jeans well to do that yeah Donna spirits or ghosts like I’m not – I I’m in a bad spot of them it’s gonna run enough in their hair I can feel it are you fucking joking fuck I was anything as anything the heat the start smashing square he won’t buy making he fights me again you fetch me I messed up at the.

Beginning I did not mean to do I have a little I have buttons on the back of my controller and I add some press marks to button I had suddenly pressed the fuck that really he’s like I lose how much all my person should be using for this never any combo with optical he actually uses this is actually designed does he.

Actually do something there’s no ho and stealing so much pardon I’m doesn’t a galaxy brain all right I gotta fight my Goku black I’ll lose.

It at that galaxy Brandon no way I’m actually lose the galaxy right now okay it’s bad enough like at least in there does he not at each party chat there’s no game chance c’mon anything.

Ron I say let’s see the psychic galaxy oh yeah like you left gate Bardock little see faster I’m walking deeper.

Well that’s not like animation professor John Cena doing if I’m not wrong.

There’s another sovereign philosopher like you doesn’t know what you have you done I hope you said.

On to Bella now I think you did a super right thing I think I saw is need to go down along sorry but you were wide.

Open that’s not a thing right look at this I have made some for mr. bat Hey all the foods that anything that even helps them everything everything I’m not kidding this dude would never be.

Able to fight me just like that boys didn’t help you it’s always like maybe if the long long times can get better at.

I like I was ending every combo to like okay I’m doing it my best not wrong be careful of because my spelling again put it he’s awful okay okay I’m roughing our loathing big golfer I’m super C is not going International Regatta route their comparison wallet I’ll do the sparking get to health back in this and why is that thanks for that fighters.

He’s ready to spam that I can do a full thing let’s dude is a god at being poked he is.

Lady that just pressing square just press let’s go got some fight.

In me huh you are you mad she did she mention one more time please we met you one more time.

And I’m gonna just dominate mmm all right look at this okay so you guys want to see it’s a tie right now don’t don’t.

Be this guy campus all you do is do the same thing I’m actually living a little bit of hope watch this you guys actually watching us and I’m sure those two I plan you let me go.

My shirt you’re lucky you’re so lucky Gohan tell us sir good to see you now you play a short clip that he’s just spamming so now you do this and you jumped on book until the small can actually do that then see if I like extend a combo love it on there then you fight the worst point on the world and anything you do this to them pay them up that and then.

You go on to write itself our life isn’t he.

Got part I can’t seem to do that’s when he’s a scatterbrain to you blocking blocking you don’t even let him have a chance at going back see the scatter there’s one thing and you don’t block because you’re trying to assist them but like you’re blocking it still like when.

Assist so like I don’t know scream that make sense you guys not to find anything then you get a free win just close the tutorial right now I just tell you how to scatter look at this are you.

Lady has a self at 8 bucks hey catch it lets us stand up okay everyone is not a medium-sized character in this games hitbox and terrible we fix this let us dude look imma scatter.

Bang oh he’s gone if you hit down before timings enough the stencil biggest scatterbrain this dude is honestly loosen.

To this thing what is this thing this this is not a real player it can’t be replaced for bottom hard difficulty that’s a spamming you won’t brah he thinks.

He’s probably sees better mana he’s not losing nothing Brahma losing so much of mystery if I literally can use today okay now I gotta like sometimes do I gotta.

Ask you China not gonna start with me scary come with it’s finalized in a large ball combo let’s get back down I tell you I’m just like Versailles as far as I can oh yeah.

Things so easy to buy something thanks for yesterday my vegeto come out and I actually have this time I can’t I’ve been joking that’s good so not just one if I play it then he’s gonna be me and that’s out the constant matching so much join I’ve been seen just like on purpose of killing I was like.

Okay I can actually get lucky and when these characters mutters heart I feel like that’s cool they your majin buu is half that they are you better cut the back P two weeks he actually he actually did it me the checkboxes as being annoying as much time scans like seven seconds good here live answer me the whole mascots in posture you’re good and bad why did you help me I lost something you don’t hit enemy took a best friend at the same. Simmons but he’s done that like ten times oh it’s only the night machine okay okay I’m all he disrespects.

Isn’t he like is that persecuted the best legends will go on he actually doesn’t just going to go on a difference all he does is live the Spanish texted a get the ski he’s gonna get hit by this to interfere ma’am doesn’t even try and do any combos Avila it isn’t Cuban and two.

Other colors so the cock game is only now this party all right fuck this time girl are you gonna bump my head it was like I think salt scrubs tension they pick any time a single person so much I look back.

In this match again how to choke a game I told you me did I how about this again brought no way out I lose that because you’re hella talking to you just by finding Frisco do not think that just because you have fought alongside me that I have forgiven you for yourself and then Matt’s already matching one more time it’s gonna hotter ended.

I don’t want to do that closing let’s call us expanded again started like these big ass I said virtuous time you know that’s called spam burgers with a hey we found over here I’m like one else perfect yeah am I gonna be booths over mr. fun I think realize that watching boobs overhead better care.

Cuz you ain’t even overhead once right did you do that remotely close to our house.

You go one more time miss actually online planes leaving last time it’s just.

Fight I just don’t like having a fighter exactly leti the ones are these specs mr. Jeronimo doing me so many times does he ever learn his lesson I punished him punished a time that I’ve lived punished him sometimes why would you the little ASEAN chat.

Now you’re gonna listen like I mean listen to my spam writing ability ha there all you switch out Michael black you haven’t been I mean then the helping me out with this can encode you Bart.

Anyways because you come up.

With cheater lately you don’t know my fat people is like we’re both getting better and stuff relax over lady I’m just learning how to counter and galaxy bringing.

Me all he’s doing is sitting still I’m level 3 like the only time you did it maybe sensible is at one time you hit me with wake up but like lately he’s just throwing out random LT was random supers over and over and over but is.

Last kick this last site how I do against the students whatever if I bad the good of sake hey you’re gonna choose if you don’t see this breath didn’t she was i’ma gonna fight on this I get off.

If he waits for everything he’s other duty and watch right like around around I should choose a few thought I’d do a movie that is missing mean I like haha fuck you lose or something let’s cancel the entry damn it’s been a pretty long stream that’s the kind of steps in them let’s go see if we’ve done a.

Lot better I feel like we’re at 67% ranked match win rate 666 not okay actually 66% I don’t wanna force oh wait what how does Matt with someone I thought that last year I mean I lost him a few times I’m pretty sure I count myself up back around now it’s not 1% so you’ve pretty much stayed even for quite a while last dude was just such he was just doing so many dumb things was crazy it’s like.

Wow you ran a little thing me like 10 times you ladies to random boo supers.

They thought map to some damn reason Kennedy you’re forced to block oh it’s 2/3 I be me those first times just because he was what’s the call he didn’t mean.

Enemy I’d be like he’s getting him like I want to be on top you’re checking day be always win it somehow always.

Found there or he just come to you let’s just fire lifestyle and things quickly see we can get a ping and a majin buu color sri all right oh this team is efficiently insane.

Lovely guys wondering I didn’t just say the teen was efficiently I didn’t the say thing was insane for no reason I had to be official if it’s me thanks to Jade Thank You.

JJ gram for subscribing and yeah it’s JB – I’m out peace.

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