These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

For that oh dude he said do it he’s gonna do it I hope I can take it that’s my first match my first match – I had my first match I did really sloppy I’m at starts dropping tons of combos for that.

Was actually leave a bruise on the family I’d die a rematch me I don’t know if you were I pressed you match your honor I thought he was.

Gonna do it I don’t oh he did okay let’s do this – might be cool right.

Gotta they like a like action placing it like you’re helping factors tiny crack is to assist on books be honest area and you could be a final mean as long as you want like me below.

Hm I don’t have the super – someone vegeto Brandon that just announced ready just skip by the secret okay let’s talk.

And I’m not the best but like I guess I’m sorry fucking license present to the desk no unite him I was here we got some props like that that’s not my thing come on Ichigo I’m props they did he did rematch me Kristin I’ll see I was giving you props right look at this dude he literally just rage hooded brag I got up with us.

On Instagram brah brah got put this on Instagram real quick where I get a good.

Picture it’s like not off good well I take the picture mighty sometime this shit you fucked up as a guy get a high quality picture real quick or actually I could have this screen shot off my almost asking each other you – I’m done I’m done but I.

Did actually reach I was just giving him props to us me has been the good guy I was being the good guy like how you gonna how you gonna rage quit when I give you props bro I was like I was like damn just do it actually stayed like no way first I’m pissant of Versailles I’m first much hope that goes to my thing at least just supply.

Her crying like a laughing crying mutti there we go we got it we got a plan the story you get that’s that I’m a nightly.

See my ring from the first fighter Manahan hearing I don’t know if I got I think I hope I got something from that thing asshole you in a rage quit you nearly just had to wait a second you like.

I already ended your despair bro like I entered a.

I ended the right that I know then you rage could of course you couldn’t ladies like wait like like 10 like 10 so I was gonna actually like maybe invite him maybe practice with him.

Even you know so there’s a for bias not losing and ranked brought up that have been nice for him I’m trying to be the good guy he’s like yeah like a fucking mean.

Downstream bitch deserve it so I put JB to like an apt like whitey live I did that I fucked that be good idea long see what was my so much BP I had before I came to I it’s okay I hope I.

Still got my my BP from that he’s don’t dude rage quit on me like I’m night with that good like for real I’m pretty bad and I you know people don’t lie like from you could probably get better cuz I come not that much better than him like I mean I’m a lot better than he was but like damn and only a test.

I got I got actually like that but you could got a little bit.

Better maybe gonna pack this know your age quit kid this little left a match protego now you’re fuckin mean so yes like my opinion much more happier I’m down oh my god sledge it’s the legendary blue rink stop talking like I’m all like I’m.

Not the best I’m not like the very very worst black I’m pretty bad so it’s got down hopefully the connections just terrible that’s my problem last year my was finding four and five bars I just there goes this is freak now he keeps to change let’s go one.

Or two and three he’s still a freezer clan has around the same matches me but he’s late with two teas so anytime he was a green night it’s got he might maybe he just had a bad start and started doing really good on the left he has good team has good team I can’t lie about that.

I think his a seventeen yo sup Tyler I don’t know I’m doing thing second match the first match that I’m gonna show them miss parks Panama from that and not break your neck or breasts not me bro most of.

You Oh yo what’s up Reina I said I’m not gonna lie oh my god what was that a xenoverse stain right over you crispy bread give me two xenoverse Kirsch look at that hit I said never hit me that’s an oddity you can never win a clash against achieve nothing then go to like a pleco supply is.

That kind of emptiness I’m not sure if you did that happen if you actually got Oh for the students old bat the fat what’s called he killed my bar not like that my Bartok had so much fun to help this is sort of a tragic look over here with that I think.

It’s Super Saiyan Goku might be his best character though I don’t know if I can just get ridiculous out we’re not doing that boom you know let me wake up today it’s terrible tutorial I.

My very best player but like brother shit happen to me we’re like somehow I don’t know how he teleport like that like he completely.

Turned around mid thing I was not expecting that you might take that one in dick you might take it and dip I feel like he’s just gonna take another most bad players do this you won’t I’m not sure to magically think about he’s probably clipping it like oh my god like go finally damn dude probably fucking missing quarter that shit right now like oh my god I’ll put this in my.

Video I’m attorney the seal mr. nice it and give it to eight right because he doesn’t know how to battle thank God they may connect only knows 16 like honest – he’s got insomnia next up what magazine done is done please diary this dude honestly will.

Not be able neither Judas did I just thank time porky he’s like so bad I can flip my thesis mashing that mash mash mash mash mash nice block nice block you and lo right there that’s a nice.

Block so luckily not a howlman like I can tell just lignin you’re always.

Doing like all he’s doing is literally just mashing and sexy yeah I’m not really common boiling you there it’s because I’m wiping that’s super saying this my friend be like really risking trencrom listen hearing right fuck I actually get nothing from him whoa ho I get nothing from him if he doesn’t rematch me he got.

Like 8,000 off me no way I don’t get nothing I lose weight I lose a lot from this yeah stupid you’re done for that but he literally loses nothing and gains like 8,000 9,000 he could get lucky and try and beat me.

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