These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

I mean it was completely like that first time that that shit lady turned around instantly and he was already doing after he missed me at Sian teleport.

Into it oh but damn fucking stupid for that he live.

You should just kept fighting me cuz if he got a lucky win he would have got actually I’m lying joking literally a hundred times what he’d lose which was bad this cool dude super intelligent you and everyone do that I’m I honestly I’m with my Halloween team with her because honestly it’s can like people are like lady.

Have like over too weird for all wearing like grey and stuff and I get Scout my knives let my get my nerves just like it’s it’s awkward cuz lock you pouring the same gray stuff.

So I’ll put on my Halloween six I doubt people are in the Halloween alpha right now Alex user here I see that same dude DBC zero Goku 1994 nice name look at names I’ll come through our burrows okay come back ends tumba gross sov oh hey guys get away piss a minute wonder 88 therea gene Cui’s people name oh my god is dead full in my lobby no way is it actually it’s actually Deadpool bro no fucking way I cannot.

Read your name pull up the head in the background so I can so see how.

This thing is actually mixing inside three all right see this – great oh hell not pleased already up the students a one-bar fuck it keeps i put it suffered through your higher and it’s not gave me fear i accuse him alone I never I never had this problem I’ve seen on Twitter.

I like that it’s a machine gun YouTube you same exact same exact team does in different order.

Come on my bar talk on point but at the same time for Cheetos good for getting me there and sir if I said no he knows how to master he doesn’t know how to do a story don’t think this master schedule everyone now.

Cagiva at that point if I don’t do what them that you can back out but you’re not winning this thing the square battle Shido accident the city is trying to sustain for every time.

I come back is actually make me trying to go put overhead like there Nasus doesn’t deserve a sign holy and he got me and I Oh thanks to the.

Finish me I should know that it affects foster I did just give Vegeta yesterday I don’t really know how to use them like that singing master square for the home last.

Month like what I learn how I played.

Like all he’ll do is leave you see press square the whole in tagging and he only knows how to do one thing apart.

In everything I said the big got this I’m not too excited no he kept he kept China’s blue my Vegeta’s remember that just like this so pick the pulling back down on the ground and I need that extra it’s not a bad attack that might actually leave a bruise this dude a this dude.

Instantly left he was done for you were so done once he something actually pull out a couple of combos and he.

Predict the hell out of him he instantly left he didn’t want no more he didn’t want to go first two three usually I go first two three unless like we’re having like really good matches and then they want to keep going I’m down but I dude was that it was.

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