These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

Out the last dude the first did I played he instantly rage quitted these drinks like I’m trying to get a high wrinkle I’ve gotten we.

Equate better from like where I should be right now that practice a pink drink a lot yes early I’m really and these rings so I’m not really trying to it’s like.

These guys are honestly they’re honest like the biggest pots out stop busting out the combos on them real quick but so as I do one single combo people like him would come out and they just rage.

Quit so that’s like I go easy on them and I’m actually could go in.

Training mode yeah it’s not a shame I just I can warm up a little bit I.

Win starting mom so dumb old I go all the way back here I’m Knightley Pickton’s into my stamina cuz you go on training load and you up rank the same sitting with this wall to get a ranked match so cuz I just want I want decent connection let’s go orange kelly says I think we’re I don’t want on Skelly’s our Halloween music I.

Hope the music’s not copyrighted I don’t think it is we asked my main team of.

And I have Goku black as my as my.

Anchor when I play man like against these people.

I don’t really even anchor him to be honest I just would use like a like my second.

Character I play better people are trying to anchor him I feel like he’s like one of my best guess right don’t miss damn it takes a lot of you don’t have too much blood left okay right there that little slow down command grab then instant final call now I don’t.

Know if it’s like I are you frustrated yep I’m sure if it takes.

Like a while for it’s like actually input these guys aren’t using that people are just slow I press a dripper I hope we chose they’re going ring no FK I’m not d-pad players.

Like the inputs look weird because I like you spit you.

Move the stick around see like this is just like one rotation so it looks a lot different if you’re watching a d-pad play you’ll see them do like more exact than I do that’s a little bit come I said I did not FK – come on this is match to rank up I don’t know.

If he’s a I think he might be a smoke person makes more than when I count and you know they just I didn’t make a new count 5 to maintain he has particle black an Android 21 he.

Has a God team I have a god team – that’s done I’ll play my Vegeta find out for my Vegeta I probably do a lot better at this like the one thing credits are anything.

Although coming at you yeah any love comedy this dude looks like just team online Spartan this didn’t go off with the Hawaii my sparking my law like this who like can’t fight.

That I ranked and then what I mean the dudes like like I’m just I’m marking.

Detector to dive this tubes is honest with doors clear I’m not gonna lie this dude can be like it’s like super same two brands on sailor but I can’t allow myself I guess I he’s playing he’s terrible I’m just gonna make him wait – you can wait you’re gonna wait I’m gonna figure I’m just be doing stuff like that you can wait for a while.

What you got do these people if you’re honestly just gonna like your lady just smurfing real quick you can you can wait and I hear you press rematch so he doesn’t have an option can’t wait til time cuz it’s so easy for him just to level up against these people know so make them like say people like that like I.

Have I have a friend like really good he’d never do something like that because I cheaper this I mean I can go be the whole bunch.

Of lowerings and get up to things like a you someone but like you already have one loss to like yes he has a loss against where most people like those are as complete BOTS like it’s really so hard to lose against the people here who are legit unless he ran to another one of him he couldn’t beat him that’s why.

I guess it’ll happen I guess he just found another person’s like and couldn’t beat her looky bye that’s so I think happening hey how they could be thankfully she keep that anything I’d like a.

Look-alike see like see I got so I do with the d-pad and it’s like that with that yeah it’s just harder to use a festive countless if I go on to little I do not play with you on how you continue to that’s alright okay and yeah you can’t fall out of either that’s a little bit – I still not.

Saying I want me like that the three lowest and joke I’d like no down I’m.

A pop icon Vegeta that’s got like I.

Use 4G tovex like I cannot have a zone give you the best watch that summer I like to G dog barking in background and so hopefully give me the best 1800 ladies important in the ground 1100 miles on the ground nonetheless and this would be how much damage new tonight sorry I’ll be back I gots a bathroom okay supplanting.

Power Cyndi’s on because I reckon that hand around around a holiday just waiting we have use the public business please you.

Know it down to that what I could add any sister I feel bad really good though fuck once was walking like the city of blocking a circle like so much pressure I meant to down these controllers let’s all want to get a fight stick and that fight.

Stick I when I get a like a fighting control so maybe I could give us this like four more in the middle our workers.

And that would push them off for me if I don’t break their guard like I’m.

Over here I could like do that type thing like the Chinese my Bardock are rows Ahn combo that I mean that if I don’t get.

Like I can just stuff so much easier at the deeper but on the action interface it’s a cada I guess part of the Bartok Union he might have Bartok – whoa and maybe just chose it to get me fear people being a.

Rock song right but lose legit that. V dot that name seems really familiar my name seems extremely familiar do I seem like a name I thought before some great matches 11111 wins okay should be Tinley wanna believe him on that malevolence seems so weird how you run roads they just started seizing I’m feeling angry there we go we got mended tonight I seem actually gonna.

Sign I’m going to use them small accomplish your finishing no I’m not gonna get Pacific on feel like a pack of kamikazes I tried apart acting bro is a boy okay okay get out with your brother’s gonna keep askin I can’t but the school I’m a flash okay get my scarf it.

And he lost he blocked that’s what I don’t know no way to suit the.

Dog the students of God I didn’t know if he’s gonna spike exciting launch party mafia characters nowadays sparking domicile dunking from actual games like to think like Spartans Spartans cheese and stuff don’t do this don’t this don’t do what you want Oh I was hitting the girl you joking are you certain I served on the head of the survey they.

Tried to do like a red sign that he was going from from anger as soon as he gets I know he’s and go for it that’s game but I know you wanted that Congrats old bad guys something do a thing there’s nothing bad at this inspection gonna be okay.

Are you asking for I have to do I had to do it I couldn’t have it need to be like.

To have I bet that’s it I like not need to do too much damage.

I’ll be so good it’s not actually gonna makan wear that Austin’s deceptions either I’m just bad a fantasy and maybe both me after how about the Gentry that since I didn’t oh no they like you’re gonna connect he’s gonna hit me up there time to go nice Oh even spice.

You suspect so your King Vegeta son huh it looks like I’m in a whole different league than you if you want something like I don’t dislike I fell bastard.

Side the match but he was ready to all this time let’s see start deciding players right guys show him real quick please somebody dude came out a different player this match and I gotta bounce already tonight eh another cook down Islam either but I.

Do the real raising that he’s real – new plan is in play I don’t know if he’s playing she’s on closeout brand I guess this stop thing nice and juicy just completely stop that’s a P legend she’s very much oh I thought I heard you chose rematch um yeah I’m think he’s playing where’d this controller disconnected you match me before a knife is already matching again dysley I think he think his controller Mia died let’s see.

God’s sparking he’s completely stopped I waited for get him up I waited for a really good amount of time just to see what happened maybe I the older son.

But I think he’s done for I think it’s not for she this dude he wasn’t wasn’t she a clean spoon this lives she can be the last match so he was different player that last match last match I had to plot the Vegeta land.

Like start trying on them have the really try of AGID on it he scared me I’m not the best huh.

It better usually get people dressed like this two specials that combo is I can subscribe button no I can’t my sky they block something there – good I’ll just do this few blends matters are hard to get now I’m making no matches saying God Super Saiyan Goku Goku blacken under-17 he’s a green rank he has more wins me but I better win percentage and I think he has an advantage but statistically just because.

I haven’t playing by half a lot of ring matches not same thing but we.

Fall for that all right yes put a combo that’s not it that is not the item not know why every blood actually um right beside Scottie slurring second second I want to.

Fucking slap the friends that’s my brother so if I could work that in so that I have to keep improving I don’t really.

Like doing this not like this I’m gonna get out come break a nice oh that’s Lois overhead Inaba come with his name nice and nice and round that’s when their tools and we shall use it to your advantage dad unless he messes up I’ve always worked on a mess up to that.

All the time I think these are fighting again just because I know a few things I’m definitely down don’t get very nice so the intumescent see the range the range it’s under a little red circle second down dogs this one benefit.

Just look at my studio I said a little bit more than much – oh I thought he messed up I fight dropping my god there’s the movie finish I who I’ve been up.

Luck that absurd lucky I love my losers shit a spark red there’s something back in this place by when.

You do a bar but it’s like it’s like too easy Bartok’s Oh PFF Batman products GOP apart actually tailpiece way is super good that’s dumb I should know and second time I go for the.

Head I can speak on here you better like I’m trying to I should have hummed them to not that’s better oh boy I knew only one with my Bardock he doesn’t care about my Rosa oh he wanted recipe that’s good cool black hopefully doesn’t have I can basically Lana brains taking bad news n do.

Not think that just because you have fought alongside me that I have forgiven you for your sins I don’t think you doing that I thought you chose I am active today.

I know you match I could fight good fight I’m actually thinking misses anything I get out of this Superman Android now there’s some stupid and really I get out of androids – now next I’ll become a Super Saiyan to change it would be might be a good place to.

End yeah let’s just ran you into match real quick she get the screenshot.

That make that some night they’re not be able to download tomorrow though yeah not my views hopefully I think hey goodness I haven’t been.

I could though I should why was I am I not good enough for you that’s not good enough that I’m too usually okay yeah yeah Mexico now when I came out no we’re not getting no right as I say that we get a match nice oh it’s a lumbar no please piss no it’s a long why don’t want to fight it it’s like it starts off as.

Those four bar I’m not sure that’s a glitter that’s how it’s supposed to work if you can’t find Lobby in time like it’s almost be a one barn it’s.

A nice super since she’s saying – he should beat me I’m an Android as a lot more wins me a lot more matches play he should win this.

This is his fight right here beat him once I’m I’m dipping and I taught me I’ll keep that my brother I keep it now on my part I came back up you’ve seen the anger that I wanna call three the sketch is low so I said this America morning cheaper Sonia I’ll do this picture growing on these fucks on VI it really did I stood the other killer it is clear.

He actions that listen today he actually still else here I mean did nothing I mean just man laughs.

I don’t learn ecology dancing Don County Park he killed me too absolutely you jest I’m done for this I’m told that knowing that you cannot win you still persist how truly foolish you are I think cursing I’ll have this anything I can do it – he still goes to Mexico nice Susan look again galaxy need.

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