These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

Us to bring me again no one just died I was just baking soon but damn buddy got to be new I guess it goes no that’s alright I feel you that’s up JJ ground my bad if I didn’t read your.

Comment probably name comma what’s up JJ Graham I see you subscribes popped on.

My notifications I am NOT the.

Best player too so if you like F like pro gameplay of is that it’s not me I’m sorry I start my best thought I am I mess up I think it’s to God is so much that sometimes we feel spastic thing is it that’s good oh then they have the gold like actually go for it makes it to go fly powers just go back up for it no good we not amass enough in the corner you should be fine let’s try and find the match I.

Think enough to coordinate this on time right here.

Pull you out of here okay yep okay my once I guess like a cycle for this combo oh yeah that’s nice seeking like I think.

That escapes I can just push them off it’s like if I’m out more in the middle I can.

End it off with that and I’ll push him into the corner and then I can start rushing him that way next this is.

Anymore so let’s see if I do this I love Agito more pushback so if I’m using vegeto and then I I want to do it justice I guess I can do it match made list.

See the connection bars are quick there we go but it always lower than you press ready I feel like I don’t.

Know if I’m right about that I wrong yeah it keeps getting it gets lower and lower though most forward to being so it should be fine hopefully three wins give me them cakes I will try and stop you from taking the cakes full every time I like it I like his team it’s all based on androids which I’m here as Android 16 so I don’t feel like a scumbag using bark I love killing Android 16 not gonna lie another it’s an things.

Sample I thought this one is really different I know a lot about intellect.

And that’s why I feel like I didn’t – either damn down I’m so delicious tonight.

All these days I noticed apparently I’m taking every sander 16 your eyes behind switch fuck I said this guard completing my let’s get answered 16 out of that and now I want to find a.

Thirteen sounds epic Persephone yes modify the back you know I thought I heard the other night I should have sometimes like no house my did some ass I shit bash I thought that’s my fault if I lose this time I don’t think I’ll be matching I don’t think he thinks he’s going me down pretty much me go.

Ahead out of play Vincent like someone that they’re doing that make it clear that I pissed you.

Mats all right I think you just leave Joe Enders I don’t want I don’t want how to address this thing anymore and I surrender I have these on meter good good one all right I’ve got weeks time that’s my whole.

Thing was like there’s time well well Kakarot sim posture good best day of the suicide bomber Berta please start on my heart I like suicide when did this idea am i right back then to have a chance to come up there my question now what happened good one nice okay I don’t have a class action this is my biggest Pulis Anton like killed Madame Pigot kill me and it’s.

A teen like I’m not sure my feels like you young were like he doesn’t target damage of his welcome to this month’s go I actually like it I like this a lot I like this a lot ten to go back at us shit like this like.

Suicide bombs and few suicide bombers I can’t think that I can let you go just next time it’s gross boy like I said I started like knock them out look at the lag just saved him how would I hit him with your Zayn and my petit Ottoman back in a second sites can be.

Closed down back in pieces I sure the one that matched us yes they’re so lucky that like I’m not sure they did on purpose they do not.

Purpose no way they like spiders like I don’t know where how to complete nowhere it’s like right then we haven’t had no connection problems on that side.

I use any nuts out of nowhere nowhere in before damn world is there any like a hole in time outs the one second I almost I have it done list instant lag okay guys I thought a guard canceled is that all your gun I’m so mad another third I’m not like the last night man just to get lag completely stop the.

Maps isolated our attention we finished right there my plans not be much better than her Seneca I sorry thank for that we’re coaching each other Chuck’s gonna change the future who gets spamming it warrior but I’m still a.

Saiyan dare underestimate be my father’s do it too many times other stuff my third on it’s that time few times not through in scenario but like first it there.

I don’t find the murder like that one like really that one like actually wanting that one Matsuri dissonant no way you should own that complete like I don’t know where completely froze for like to start one second who are hearing what that one super don’t know why I’m not pressing that way and if I realize he’s gonna keep going back up I can keep going down again but some schemes over all right I love it I wanted to volunteer flick-right when I in go back as.

I feel like most people will try that same rate they just feel like that’s something I would hit let’s get a match I’m trying to rink up from where I am right now think I’m gonna Super Saiyan I’m.

Not super saiyan let me I’m.

Android still I like it a Super Saiyan tear it’s got to try and we’ve got a hardest yeah let’s get the cap we can hit Super Saiyan 3 it’s probably where I’ll really start improving again no Super Saiyan 3 years hopefully I can get the Super Saiyan 3 year yeah I think Super Saiyan 3 is a good spot just chill out for.

A little bit then I can actually just try and become way better because I feel like I’m really you know when someone’s vision clear the lungs are like like so many matches.

The victim hangover something to be nice I mean healer together he hasn’t done more stuff maybe Opie I said legit command grab he’d be sold like that now shoo it out took all that it’d.

Be nice there we go please be my rank up master I wanted you ranked up I feel sick song video like it gives you a little noise notification a.

Match made if they’re maybes going for combo he’s probably in here like me chillin strain get convict Bardock Vegeta and a Vegeta Super Saiyan oh.

Ho I pretty close to free clothes sewing rates and stuff he’s green I am yellow name he has Vegeta Super Saiyan great assist he.

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