These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

Has a bar talk to and about the same tier team they remember the same tears my wind loss ratio thinks is slightly better that’s not like summer color that’s i’m scientist time again is he what’s happening what’s.

Happening I’m a damn rage quit I’m a damn rage quit in 15 seconds are you joking me you’re trash you’re terrible I thought he was gonna be good look at his team he has a good team look at you dude you are a terrible bro I’m not the best I’m not the best like nowhere near the best but bro you rage quit it like 15 seconds you didn’t give like a chance to go to the next.

Few fights you could you have a good chance at meeting me if you want so trash but all this was a yes dude this dude look at him you’re trash you were using Bardock super saiyan Vegeta and normal Vegeta you read quick.

Are you joking me you’ve got a god team I have a god team too I’m not that good of a jido and I made you rage with just Vegeta four oh my god.

You’re trash and I guess got the science very gotta get them in say I’m gonna look up capped up it up real quick cuz you you deserve to take that I’m gonna slapping right now oh my.

God you can’t hit Ridge and by up a science a Moakley hood so hard I’m biased get up put the semester off me slapped him so quick right.

Here aids so he’s damn ass that’s crazy hey.

I got an answer now we can continue Babel a row that did it rage quitted the teen second saying guys are haven’t seen ya look up a story on how to make someone ragequitting that quick yeah I said count those that should go towards rank I hate that let’s go take a look has a law sent me to hell them go back and look at the log that count as a loss for me Brad yeah it cuts as a loss for me to come are you fucking joking royal so what that.

One that one dude probably slap any one party rage.

Going on I think of it now much I could see that was a loss to I want to see you that’s a loss that what team is that another scoop is really making a name for themselves it’s not like us individual account looking like today I thought you played it is a ranked match recent this might give me a victory you kiss it is okay it doesn’t caliber I think it gives me yeah it gives me.

A loss on my oh I think I think he gives me.

A lost my thing 15 maps for this Sigma let me look and see what I know back and liquor quick let’s see what I have find me.

That misty rage disease you Josh sad thing is from nah I am legit not that good I am pretty bad and for you have to rage against me when you got a god team ooh look at me I’m not saying my team’s not a god team but put like my but like bro you actually had a god team in raids on me like.

That I’m joking how are you.

Gonna rage with your with their God team bro you had like a good team like I and the staff is a majin buu looking nappa and like I.

Know this cake is probably good too if anyone but I.

Got enough is like a really bad team the connection was like 20 frames per second like instantly shit on him maybe but like yeah that should come I don’t actually hope that counsels a loss because for this loss.

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